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Tips to Reduce Your Factory & Warehouse Insurance Premium

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While it is a necessity to buy a comprehensive insurance policy to insure your factory & warehouse, there are various pragmatic ways through which a business owner can get the complete value of money or in other ways, reduce the insurance premium.

Let’s have a look at some of the tips through which you can reduce your factory & warehouse insurance premium:

  1. Shop Around: As you do before any substantial purchase, shop around before buying factory & warehouse insurance. You can also take the help of corporate insurance advisors like SecureNow who will help in getting several insurance quotes in a quick succession of time. Without divulging any personal information, you can reach out to various insurance companies with a few clicks. When you shop around before making a final purchase, it becomes easy to find the best factory & warehouse insurance policy, both in terms of price and benefits. However, before approaching the insurer, determine the type of coverage you need, tenure and perils to be insured.
    Tip: Study all the available options before zeroing in on one policy.
  2. Buy sufficient cover: Buy too much coverage and you’re paying for something you’ll never use. Similarly, too little coverage can leave gaps in your coverage that would again make you vulnerable to the perils. So carefully evaluate your insurance needs and choose the right cover.
    Tip: Make sure your coverage fits all your needs— neither leave you inadequately insured nor give you coverage that you will never use.
  3. Increase deductible: Insurers tend to offer lower insurance premium rates if you opt for a higher deductible. In the insurance terminology, deductible is the amount that you would be responsible to pay if an accident or incident occur. The higher the deductible, the lower will be your insurance premium.
    Tip: Increase your deductible to that limit only which you can afford to pay upfront.
  4. Minimise risk: The premium rates offered by insurance companies depend on several factors, and the risk is one such factor. So, decrease the likelihood of an accident at your workplace to curtail your insurance premium further. You can ask your insurance company what type of discounts are available in exchange of safety measures which you can implement in your factory and warehouse. Some of these measures can be as simple as installing a CCTV surveillance system and monitor the same on a regular basis and imparting training to staff on operating the machinery. A proper training not only aids in preventing accidents or injuries, but also increases productivity. Further, you can install security alarm or a new sprinkler system and get easy insurance premiums from insurers.
    Tip: Just because you have an insurance policy, it doesn’t mean you can act carelessly. Act diligently, take all steps to protect your factory and warehouse and enjoy low premium rates.
  5. Evaluate your insurance policy periodically: As tempting it may look to leap onto the next task, it is in your best interest to methodically review your policy before every renewal. If certain aspects of business have been changed or you have been paying for those coverages also which you no longer require, eliminate that portion of coverage, and enjoy an instant reduction in premiums. You can take the help of your insurance advisor in revamping your policy cover. This is a good opportunity to ensure that you are safeguarding your factory and warehouse to the best of your ability without paying much.
    Tip: Do an annual policy renewal and make changes accordingly.

Just as you scout for the best business practice and evaluate the merits of implementing the one business idea over the other, you should also look at factory and warehouse insurance rates from various insurance companies. It may be penny wise and pound foolish to focus only on price. Remember, cheap policy is not always best and vice versa, so think beyond price.

There are various other factors also which can affect your experience and premium, like claim process, reputation of the insurer, claim settlement ratio, customer support, etc. So carefully evaluate all the available options and take your time to do business with that insurer whom you can trust.>/p>

When it comes to your business, you always do your research and invest judiciously, so make sure you treat the factory & warehouse insurance policy same as any of your investment plan.

Final Verdict
As a business owner, you might be trying to save money by searching for tips to cut the insurance premium. However, never compromise with your insurance cover just to save some penny which otherwise could prove costly in the long run when you would have to shell out extra money from your pocket even when you have a factory & warehouse insurance policy.

So, act smartly and choose the right factory & warehouse insurance policy at affordable rates without trimming your coverage.

Think smart, choose wisely!

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