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Top NRI Realty Investment Destinations

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Top NRI Realty Investment Destinations
Top NRI Realty Investment Destinations

The Nonresident Indian`s (NRI) investment in real estate is a big boost to the struggling reality sector. In the past, the NRI population primarily bought homes, where they would eventually settle down after returning to their home grounds. However, since the last decade, there is a change in the rationale behind investing in property in India. Today, investing in real estate is less to do with personal use and is done as a bid to receive lucrative returns.  Irrespective of one reason, property investment requires an insightful mind and requisite information. Therefore, we have put together a list of few cities in India where potential NRI investors can put their money in.
As a major economic and commercial hub located West of India, Ahmedabad is a powerhouse of development and growth. The property segment of Ahmedabad has evolved over the last few years. Recently, there is an upsurge in the mid-segment and ultra-luxurious real estate projects that are attracting NRIs. Infrastructure wise, Ahmedabad is a great city. The city is very well-designed and developed. This is also one of the major reasons why Ahmedabad is attracting NRI investment.
Bangalore is already one of the most favoured destinations for NRI investment. Since, the early 2000’s, Whitefield, the suburban neighbhourhood of Bangalore has witnessed a real estate boom. The growth of IT corridor and development of several commercial centers has enhanced the appeal of this residential area. Home to companies like TCS, and technological parks, Whitefield is the perfect investment ground for NRIs.
Dehradun seems like an unlikely entrant on this list. But according to a Business Standard article a few year ago Dehradun ranked 5th on the most favoured investment destination amongst NRIs. So, why are NRIs interested to buy property in Dehradun. For starters, the city is the epitome of pristine living. Nestled in the Garhwal region, Dehradun is covered with beautiful terrain and greenery. The picturesque landscape and comparatively milder climate during summer months make it a perfect city to live.
The city carries a long-standing colonial legacy and is surrounded by excellent schools and touristy spots. Dehradun is also located at a comfortable distance from Delhi, which is yet another reason by NRIs wishes to invest property in Dehradun. Investors can buy a wide range of property – apartment, independent villas and cottages. Even the State Government is taking keen interest to promote investment in Uttarakhand including Dehradun.
The millennium city of India, which has transformed into a major commercial and IT center will continue to expand potential investors in the coming years. Besides investing in residential properties, the city also offers great investment opportunities in the commercial sector. The rise in commercial centers and growth of the IT sector in the city has raised the demand for commercial property.
Going forward, commercial property will be one of the most lucrative and promising investment option available for NRIs.

In Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai are top locations that call for real-estate investment. Both areas are well connected with the main city. Secondly, both locations are well planned and the pollution levels are less by several notches. We are all aware of the hustle-bustle and congested mayhem of the city of Mumbai. However, if you want to lead a sprawling and comfortable life, investing in the suburbs of Mumbai makes sense. Whether you are buying the house for personal use or wish to let it out, it will be a good investment decision.
A lot of people who work in Mumbai prefer residing in Navi Mumbai, therefore renting or letting out the property will not be a hassle.
Last year, Real Estate Regulation Act was passed in the Indian parliament. The enactment of this law will help restore faith in buyers. Thanks to the bill, the real estate segment will be more regulated and the developers will have greater onus and responsibility to complete the projects on time. This is yet another reason, NRI investment is going to foster in the future.

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