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Egypt making slow progress on genital mu...

Egypt making slow progress on genital mutilation

MANSHIET EL-IKHWA, Egypt: Raslan Fadl, the first doctor in Egypt to be put on trial for committing female genital mutilation, is still practicing even though a 13-year-old girl died after he performed the procedure. And in this Nile Delta Village, he has plenty of patients. Young girls and their... read more »

IS claims beheading of US aid worker, 18...

IS claims beheading of US aid worker, 18 Syrians

BEIRUT: The Islamic State jihadist group on Sunday claimed to have executed Peter Kassig, a US aid worker kidnapped in Syria, as a warning to the United States. The same video showed the gruesome simultaneous beheadings of at least 18 men described as Syrian military personnel, the latest in a... read more »

Islamic State says it plans tIslamic Sta...

Islamic State says it plans tIslamic State says it plans to issue its own c...

They have paraded their own flag, formed courts and ministries, issued passports and even license plates. Now, the leaders of the Islamic State, the violent jihadist group that has seized parts of Syria and Iraq, have created their own currency, part of a grandiose plan to restore the caliphate... read more »

Angry Arabs march in north Israel after ...

Angry Arabs march in north Israel after shooting

KFAR KANA, Israel: Angry Arab-Israeli protesters took to the streets across the country on Sunday and police raised alert levels nationwide amid shock waves over the fatal shooting of a young Arab-Israeli. Shops, schools and businesses were shuttered in Arab towns and villages where a general... read more »

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Saudi sentences iconic Shia cleric to death

DUBAI: A well-known Shia cleric was sentenced to death Wednesday by a court in Saudi Arabia, sparking fears of renewed unrest from his supporters in the kingdom and neighboring... read more »

Turkish jets hit Kurdish rebel targets

ANKARA: Turkish warplanes have struck suspected Kurdish rebel positions in southeastern Turkey, media reports said Tuesday, the first major airstrikes against the rebel group since peace... read more »

IS jihadists execute Iraqi journalist, 12 other people

SAMARRA, Iraq: Islamic State militants executed an Iraqi news cameraman and 12 other people on Friday in several towns and villages north of Baghdad, officials, relatives and witnesses... read more »

Kobane: Syrian Kurds ‘launch operation against IS’

Fighting has continued overnight around the Syrian border town of Kobane, with reports of Kurdish forces launching an operation against Islamic State At least 12 people were killed in... read more »

Egypt: Army offensive kills 16 militants in Sinai

El-ARISH, Egypt: Egyptian military officials say troops have killed 16 members of an al-Qaida-inspired militant group in the restive Sinai Peninsula. The officials say four leading members of Ansar... read more »