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5 Offbeat Courses PCM Students can Choose other than B.Tech

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Most of the students who have studied PCM in class XII aim to pursue engineering post completing their schooling, and many find it challenging to explore a career apart from engineering. Many PCM students choose engineering as their first priority only after 12th without even exploring other career options.

Doing well in JEE Main to get admission in an engineering course is not only the best career option; there are plenty of other opportunities as well which you can consider. The exam is conducted twice a year to provide better opportunities for the students. First session for JEE Main 2020 is over and the second session will commence in the month of April. Candidates appearing in the exam will be able to take admission in the top-notch colleges of the country. So, in order to help you to explore other career options, we have brought top 5 offbeat courses which a PCM student can choose other than doing B.Tech are mentioned underneath:


With the growing technology and creation of incredible buildings showing amazing architecture skills, the need for architects is also increasing. Increasing construction activities at the commercial and residential places have resulted in buildings like Burj Khalifa, The Louvre, Petronas Towers, among many others which have set new standards in this sector.

PCM students can opt for B.Arch, which helps them in planning, designing and shaping country skyline. Architecture works closely with their clients to customise designs as per their specifications. It is involved in creating and restoring buildings such as residential complexes, malls, commercial spaces, restaurants, among others. By pursuing a career in architecture, the professionals will be able to develop their skills, aesthetic sensitivity, critical thinking allow with assuring effective utilisation of space and available resources.

Career Opportunities in Architecture: PCM students who scored well in JEE Main can choose to get specialisation in many fields like Urban Planning and designing Sustainable Architecture, Landscape Architecture, to name a few.


If learning more about chemical reactions and their structures attracts you, then doing a detailed study in chemistry is something which is undoubtedly for you. While doing graduation in Chemistry, you will get a chance to study the chemical properties, structure, composition, reactions, and how it changes in matter.

One of the unique things about a career in Chemistry is its broad applicability, especially in case you are planning to begin your career in the field of research. Also, it does ‘not necessarily means that Chemistry graduates will end up wearing lab coats while doing his/her job’ in fact they can explore different career opportunities across Pharmaceuticals, Petroleum, Chemical, Healthcare, and Educational organisations.

Career Opportunities in Chemistry: For a PCM students, there are various specialised sub-fields in Chemistry which they can explore, begin with, their career in this sector. Some of the sub-fields in Chemistry include Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Food Chemistry, Flavour Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Metallurgy, Surface Chemistry, etc.


Though there is no doubt about the fact that many students prefer to stay away from subject Mathematics, many of us might not know that we can explore great career opportunities ahead after getting specialisation in Maths. Mathematics is an excellent base for fields which involve computation, numbers, and data; and getting a degree in mathematics will prove to be a stepping stone in exploring more extensive career options ahead.

While doing graduation in Mathematics, the students will get a thorough understanding of mathematical principles and their origins, mathematical models, and how the principles and models can be applied to solve real-world problems. PCM students should opt for this course in case you have superior analytical and logical abilities and love solving complex problems.

Career Opportunities in Mathematics: PCM students who have completed their graduation in Mathematics can start their career in Actuarial Science, Data Science, Banking, Insurance, Finance, Meteorology, Stock Market, etc. Also, the professionals can get hired for various roles which include Market Research, Project Development, Numerical Analysis, Research Operations, and Financial Analyst, to name a few.


Statistics is yet another essential career option for PCM students who love numbers and data. The course in Mathematics deals more with theories and principles, while Statistics means applying them in practice for analysing the trends and making future predictions accordingly.

Statistics means using a combination of Statistics and Maths while building data models which can further be used for solving the problems. The professionals with knowledge in Statistics are well-qualified to apply their skills to virtually any field requiring the analysis of data. In case you have strong analytical abilities, quantitative reasoning, and are motivated enough to deal with the crunching numbers, then surely this professional is awaiting you.

Career Opportunities in Statistics: The companies like banking, insurance, data science, education, etc. actively look for the statistics graduates who can use their understanding and skills in accurate analysing the existing situation. A statistics graduate can hold different roles like Market Researcher, Data Analyst, Insurance Underwriter, Social Scientist, Algorithm Designer, etc. and thus are in higher demand.


If you are looking for a challenging role, then you can consider doing graduation in the Aviation sector. Aviation is a perfect combination of science, technology and travel, a career which will give you freedom from the 9-to-5 job. You can become a commercial Pilot and can take charge of commanding flight’s controls, along with assuring a safer landing for your passengers around the globe. Yet, the field of Aviation is not only limited to being a pilot; you can explore other career options as well.

Career Opportunities in Aviation: With the growth in the travel and tourism sector, the need for commercial pilots are also increasing who can work with major international or regional airlines. The professionals can fly cargo planes, work as a corporate pilot, fly corporate jets, and can also operate medical or air emergency planes. Major international and national airlines, airport authorities and aircraft manufacturing firms, continuously look for aircraft maintenance engineers within their organisation.

Besides the career mentioned above options, there are many other courses which the PCM students can explore other than doing engineering. Be it something adventure-driven like Aviation or Defense, to something grounded in research like Chemistry or Maths, the possibilities to have a great career ahead are endless.


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