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5 Reasons To Pursue Data Analytics Training

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90% of the data was created in the last couple of years alone. Moreover, as per a NASSCOM report, the FinTech market is growing at a CAGR of 22% and is expected to reach $73 billion by 2020 i.e. next year. These statistics tell us about how rapidly we are becoming a data-driven world and how it has become important for this world to be supported by intelligent and highly analytical Data Analytics professionals, Data Scientists and Data Engineers.

To fill in this demand, several universities are currently offering big data analytics training along with certification. Students are also applying for these courses to advance their careers in the right direction. One such course directing the students in the right direction is the ‘Post Graduate Program in Data Analytics’. The primary reason as to why students pursue this course can be easily summarised in the following five points:

  • High salary
  • Huge career growth
  • Opportunity to make a true difference
  • Needed by various industries
  • Kingpins of the digital world

What does a Data Analyst do?

Simplifying the job description, a data analyst churns through the vast numbers of anything ranging from market share, advertising rates, fixed business costs, sales figures etc. and converts them into beneficial business insights. He brings order to the chaos of numbers and presents them in the form of an easily understandable report or visual.

Good FinTech courses train the students in the science of capturing this data, aggregating it and converting them in various formats.

Elaborating on the reasons to go for big data analytics training

  1. Huge salary: Once you get trained in the highly competent FinTech courses, the world becomes your oyster. The Harvard Business Review just confirmed on this statement by telling the world that the profile of data scientists is the 21st century’s most fulfilling job. A person having good data analytics training can step higher as a data scientist and go forth to work with renowned agencies like Microsoft, Facebook, Google and Amazon.
  2. Huge career growth: In 2017, the world accumulated data amounting to 2.7 Zettabytes and this number is estimated to rise up to 163 Zettabytes by 2025. Translated in fact, the demand for data analysts will keep rising within various sectors and they will get to play a major role in dissecting bigger data.
  3. Opportunity to make a true difference: A person trained in the domain of data analytics has the power to bring real difference in any organisation he has decided to work in. He can decipher hard numbers to benefit all the departments of an organisation.
  4. Needed by various industries: There are no sector or industry limitations for a good data analyst. His job extends to every industry vertical. He gets to choose from finance, automobile, retail, logistics, communications, information technology and manufacturing; all the while demanding a sky-high salary figure and basking in its perks.
  5. Kingpins of the digital world: The job of a data analyst does not confer to small roles but plays with huge data. Because of this job’s superior status, people always have high expectations from a data analyst and trust them to pave the way to success with cold, hard but real numbers.

Check out the FinTech Prodegree course to give your data career a head start.

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