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‘Kill Dil`review: Ali Zafar, Ranveer Singh kill while Govinda thrills!

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One of the much hyped movies of this year, `Kill Dil` has released. It managed to create a buzz in the virtual world right from the start because of the ensemble cast that it boasts of. Also, as `Kill Dil` marks the comeback of Govinda after a long hiatus, I had high hopes when I went for the movie. Directed by Shaad Ali and produced under the banner of Yash Raj Films `Kill Dil` stars Ranveer Singh, Parineeti Chopra, Ali Zafar and Govinda as the leads.

The story is like any simple Bollywood masala flick. Tutu (Ali Zafar) and Dev (Ranveer Singh) are childhood best friends. Nurtured under the wings of Bhaiyyaji (Govinda) who finds the two in a garbage bin, they grow up to become serial killers under his guidance. They kill to earn their bread and can even die for one another – such is their friendship.

Life was fine and easy going for the two chums until Disha (Parineeti Chopra) enters. There are no prizes for guessing her love interest in the film. Dev falls head-over-heels for Disha whose lifestyle stands in stark contrast to that of his. But as they say anything can happen in a Bollywood movie. Disha too melts under the aura of a charming smile and funny, cheeky one-liners of the flirtatious Dev (Sigh!) If only that happened in real life too.

Miss goody-two-shoes sings songs and parties with the `Dev-il` and gradually romance fills in their hearts. Disha plays a reformer in the movie who gives the criminal Dev a new lease of life. While Dev’s best friend Tutu continues to save him from the wrath of Bhaiyyaji, Dev decides to reform himself for the sake of love, ignoring the danger that lies on his way. Despite being a cold-blooded murderer, he has the heart of a child.Following this what develops in the story builds up both suspense and interest. The twist continues until the climax. But do not expect a concrete end. As it is a Bollywood drama, the end is quite predictable.

Directed by Shaad Ali, `Kill Dil` is also a comeback of sorts for him. The plot is quite slow in the first half but the second half picks up pace, enough to make me stick to my seat.

Speaking of the lead actors in the film, they need no introduction. Parineeti is a natural and can fit in any character easily. Ranveer is a full-package entertainer. He only gets better with each passing movie. The clean shaven look that he put on to look like a goon and a `chichora` fits him to the `T`. You will feel connected to the emotions he brings out on screen. But their chemistry is not as hot as was expected. Ali Zafar is the ever-dashing macho man, who can sweep anyone off their feet. Even his acting skill has improved with time.

The only disappointment is the way Govinda was portrayed. He plays a grey character in the movie and he has executed it brilliantly. But if only he could have had more screen space. Nevertheless, even in bits and parts, he made his presence felt. He made sure to ruffle a few feathers with his thunderous act as the negative character.

It is an out-an-out masala entertainment flick. The humour is crisp and the funny one liners at some points do wonders to lift your mood.

By Bollywood standards, the movie has enough fodder to hook and book you to your seats for two hours. Three stars for `Kill Dil`! And if you are a movie-buff then go home humming `kakakakaka ..Kill Kill….dadada Dill Dil…`!

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