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Shah Rukh Khan says `father was his favourite romantic hero`

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Shah Rukh Khan says `father was his favourite romantic hero`
Shah Rukh Khan says `father was his favourite romantic hero`

New Delhi – Shah Rukh Khan has confessed that his father has always been his favourite romantic hero.

The 48-year-old actor explained in detail the love story of his parents, when his father was 29 years old and had met his mother literally in an accident.

Once his father came across a terrible accident, where a car had crashed into one of the pillars around India Gate and had overturned, trapping the passengers inside, which included his mother, along with her sisters and father, Andpersand Magazine reported.

His father and his cousin turned the car over and pulled out the passengers, out of which his mother was the most severely injured and due to excessive loss of blood needed a transfusion and as faith had it, his father’s blood matched hers and he literally saved her life.

Unfortunately his mother had temporarily lost memory of her past six months and on his grandfather’s request, everyday since then his father would look after his mother and eventually fell in love with him.

When his grandfather asked his father to choose a bride from his daughters, his father simply pointed towards his mother, who was already engaged.

The family was shocked, but his father persisted. He was also a natural charmer, and above all else, he was in love.

There wasn’t opposition but they did have a peculiar situation.

However, his father was an idealist, a gentle giant and he did not rush things up but gave everyone time to figure out what had to be done and thanks to his patience he was married to his mother.

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