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IITF 2013 showcases rich traditions, culture of northeast

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IITF 2013 showcases rich traditions, culture of northeast
IITF 2013 showcases rich traditions, culture of northeast

By Themthingchon YR

New Delhi – The ongoing India International Trade Fair (IITF) 2013 in New Delhi provides a global platform for craftsmen and entrepreneurs from different states of the country. Many artisans from the northeast are using the opportunity to expand their market.

A large number of crafts persons and entrepreneurs from eight northeastern states are participating in the India International Trade Fair 2013. Each state has a dedicated pavilion at the fair with different themes.

Around 20 exhibitors from Nagaland showcased a variety of products like handloom, artificial jewellery, decorative items, paintings and cultural artifacts.

Emilo, an entrepreneur from Nagaland, who came here for the first time, got thrilled by the response of the people.

“I feel so excited and so good to be here. We are showcasing our Naga handicrafts and handloom and people out here are so excited to see and they are purchasing, so I am very thankful for organizing this fair,” said Emilo.

“They like our traditional products. It’s quite unique like designs, colors so those who know the quality they really come and purchase products,” added Merabeni, another exhibitor from Nagaland.

Exhibitors from Tripura, Manipur, Mizoram, Assam, Meghalaya and Arunachal Pradesh also took part in the fair. Dressed in traditional attires, they also promoted the culture of their states.

Large crowds thronged the Arunachal Pradesh pavilion for its cane and bamboo products.

Other than handloom, many innovative products like designer lampshades and sofa sets made from horns of bullocks were on display.

“I feel very great, it’s a great platform for people like us from Northeast because we do not get much exposure and this is the place where we can showcase our unique items. It’s all made of cane and bamboos and people out here in city like Delhi because they don’t get to see such items. So it’s good for them, and also for us, so it’s good for all of us,” said Amung Tado, an exhibitor from Arunachal Pradesh .

The exhibitors benefit from the fair as they get to understand what the customers want.

The event also provides them a bigger platform to generate business, which in turn boosts incomes of the artisans and craftsmen from the region.

“It’s a very good opportunity to be on such a platform. We get a chance to showcase our products. Whatever products we display here is made by artisans. Through this we can give a boost to our artisans and their products. Artisans also get to know what kind of products are liked by the customers and what kind of products have to be produce more in the future so it’s good for both the artisans and customers,” said Pradip Saha, manager, Tripura Pavilion.

“I am very happy because I tried so hard to get this opportunity and fortunately this year, I got this chance. I would like to participate again even next time because it’s a beautiful place and I feel good to meet different people,” added Shyama Devi, an exhibitor from Manipur.

The IITF 2013 was a perfect blend of commerce and culture. During the fair every state was allotted a day to celebrate its state day with the aim of promoting awareness about traditions of the region.

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