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Lavender Essential Oil

The oil extracted from lavender is of great use to mankind. This plant is basically grown at Provence in France. The word "lavender" has been derived from the Latin word "lavare", which means washing. Since ages, lavender has served as one of the most wonderful remedies for treating skin disorders. Out of all the species of lavender, the English lavender is the finest one. It was originally known as Lavandula Officinalis. An interesting fact about this species is that, it grows only at an altitude over 3000 ft. To know more about the benefits of pure lavender essential oil, read on…
Lavender essential oil is especially useful in getting rid of the problem of acne and rashes. All you need to do to cure the skin disorder is to mix 10 drops of lavender oil in some water. After that, pat gently on the affected area using a cotton ball and witness its miraculous effects. Not only the lavender oil will take good care of your skin, but also ensure a sound sleep during the nighttime. Aromatherapy also makes extensive use of lavender essential oil to massage the body and relievetiredness. Apply a few drops of this oil on the pressure points of the neck area, lie down on the bed and enjoy the blissful experience.

Lavender is a name that truly epitomizes purity. Infact, lavender is one of the purest and finest essential oils used to give a soothing massage. It offers plentiful benefits to the skin. Lavender is extracted using the process of distillation. It is highly concentrated oil, a few drops of which are enough to obtain its therapeutic gains. It is usually clear in color, but at times you may find a yellow tint added to it. Being very thin in consistency, its fragrance is also not too strong. It is often used by parlors for massaging the body, owing to its relaxing scents. Due to the slight floral aroma, the fragrance of lavender essential oil gives a very fresh feeling. Many people find its smell a bit fruity. Lavender essential oil is effective in curing acne, asthma, flatulence, anxiety, allergies and itching.


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