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5 fearsome weapons of the rebels IS

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In the first years, IS has repeatedly defeated Iraqi forces, and Syrian Kurds. IS has been successful despite the lack of actual .arms, heavy weapons that IS has been mostly due to the seizure of the forces defeated in battles.

Here are 5 types of weapons that America IS possible to hedge.

Trucks carrying weapon

Trucks that IS the rebels often use called Technical. This means easier maintenance, faster and more fuel efficient vehicles increases. Technical capable of carrying heavy machine guns and artillery and air defense weapons mild, including AA missiles.

But that does not mean that IS totally use the dedicated military means. Instead, the IS has used them to battle bigger. For example, IS using armored Humvee vehicles disguised as the amount of Iraqi security forces to occupy an Iraqi military base near here.

IS definitely owns the tank. IS is said to be operating a few dozen tanks T-55 and T-72 is about 12, although the air strikes had destroyed a number of them.

Although IS also seized an M1A1 Abrams tanks, but American forces handed over to Iraq but to put this into use vehicles more difficult. Equipment replacement, maintenance and ammunition also complex.

Anti-tank weapons

Syrian troops used tanks against the opposition’s Syrian Army liberated and IS. Tanks are effective defensive weapon, especially when against light infantry force which lacks heavy weapons.

IS is said to have used some kind of different anti-tank weapons and destroyed several tanks. The weapons including anti-tank missiles and Komet Konkur, HJ-8 missiles from China and Osa 90mm rockets. IS also destroyed the tank via the traditional way, anti-tank guns and jet blasting equipment improvements.

Air defense weapons

So far, IS using multiple light weapons in all rooms Iraq and Syria. This weapon has prevented Iraqi and Syria by limitations on the ability of these forces.

A recent report from the survey of small arms has revealed some details about the weapons room that IS currently owns. The weapons used include light flak (mostly stolen from the Iraqi army and Syria), SAM missiles and heavy machine guns.

However, IS has never tried to put any aircraft captured from Syria in and use of American air campaign makes this possibility even less likely to occur.


The rebel forces often lack small cannon, but IS owns a respectable arsenal. IS is said to have used a variety of mobile artillery, some were put on the truck. In particular, IS also accounted for a large number of field artillery 130mm M-46. IS also become proficient in creating temporary gun by placing missiles and rockets on trucks and other vehicles.

Assault rifles

Basic infantry weapon that IS there is definitely assault rifle AK-47 and its variants. AK-47 available in Syria and the neighboring countries, and there IS enough money to buy the gun form of modern, high reliability despite the gun and ammunition prices rise.

Although the famous AK-47 weapon for those who do not have experience, but it becomes especially effective in the hands of gunmen “old guard”. When used in combination with K-47 and other weapons, IS can fight both on the offensive and defensive game.


The victory that IS won earlier this year has allowed the group to control a large number of American weapons, which by the allied Kurdish and Iraqi forces use. Obviously, a number of American air strikes and coalition forces have focused on these weapons.

However, no one knows IS react before the expansion of American air campaign of the past few weeks. Should not underestimate the flexibility of the IS in the campaign. Clearly, America’s campaign to create major obstacles for IS, but also need to be wary that this organization can also respond through the professional manner and dangerous.

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