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Eminent scientist Stephen Hawking debunks Albert Einstein’s black hole theory

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Eminent scientist Stephen Hawking has posted a new paper online that demolishes modern black hole theory.

The wheelchair-bound genius said that the idea of an event horizon, from which even light cannot escape, is flawed.

Hawking smashes the idea of a black hole by saying that instead of there being an inescapable event horizon, they should think of a far less total “apparent horizon”. And, at a stroke, he has contradicted Albert Einstein, as event horizons are just mathematically simple consequences of general theory of relativity that was put forward by Einstein, the Daily Express reported.

Hawking wrote in his paper, called ‘Information Preservation and Weather Forecasting For Black Holes,’ that event horizons’ absence means that there are no black holes – in the sense of regimes from which light can’t escape to infinity.

He suggested that light rays attempting to go away from the black hole’s core is going to be held as though stuck on a treadmill, from which they can slowly shrink by spewing out radiation.

Hawking told leading science magazine Nature that there can be no escape from a black hole in classical theory, however, quantum theory enables energy and information to escape from a black hole.

The new grey hole theory is going to allow matter and energy to be held for a period of time before they are released back into space.

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