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ISIS recruits planning 26/11-type attack in UK

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An ISIS attack on Europe is not just a wild fantasy of Islamic State militants anymore. Various world leaders and intelligence agencies are acknowledging the threat that the militant group, earlier present only in parts of Syria and Iraq, pose to the continent and the US. 

British intelligence agency, MI5, has revealed that British recruits of ISIS, who are returning home are planning a “spectacular” attack on home soil, something similar to the 26/11 Mumbai attacks. 

Intelligence officials said that ISIS is planning to bring the war to the UK by targeting high-profile places and buildings in London, Birmingham or Manchester. Experts believe that the terrorists may be smuggling explosive and weapons into UK in shipping containers. 

British Prime Minister David Cameron expressed concern about the increasing threat posed by Islamic State in mainland Europe. In order to contain radicalization and extremism within Europe, Cameron will make a statement on Monday, proposing new powers to prevent people from travelling to Iraq and Syria to fight with ISIS. 

In the wake of growing conflicts in Iraq and Syria, UK recently raised its terror threat level from “substantial” to “severe”. 

The king of Saudi Arabia has also warned that jihadists could target the US and Europe if leaders across the globe do not react to growing terrorist threats. King Abdullah’s statement appeared aimed at drawing Washington and Nato forces into a wider fight against Islamic State militants. “If neglected, I am certain that after a month they will reach Europe and, after another month, America,” he said. “These terrorists do not know the name of humanity and you have witnessed them severing heads and giving them to children to walk with in the street,” the king said. 

The warnings came even as US secretary of state John Kerry said the US will use a Nato summit next week to push for a coalition of countries to beat back incursions in Syria and Iraq by Islamic State militants who are destabilizing the region and beyond. 

A US lawmaker also warned on Sunday that the hundreds of US, British and Canadian citizens who have trained with ISIS trying to carve out their own state in Iraq and Syria pose a “very serious threat” to the US. 

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