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What 21-day `God diet` is all about

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What 21-day `God diet` is all about
What 21-day `God diet` is all about

Melbourne – A new diet fad – 21-day ‘God diet’ or ‘Daniel diet’ – is doing the rounds except that it’s not about shedding off the kilos, but about committing to God.

January Rowe, a Baptist, told the Atlantic that she started the diet to support her husband in his new business in whatever way she could, News.com.au reported.

Rowe started the fast, which involves consuming 70 percent fruit and vegetables and 30 percent lean protein and whole grains, and found that she no longer craved sugar like she used to, and felt closer to her husband and God.

The diet has it’s origins in the Bible about Jewish noble Daniel, who was captured by the Babylonians and made to serve the king.

When he and his companions were given rich food by their captors, Daniel only eat vegetables, and his diet came to symbolise his resistance to the King’s power.

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