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7 Smart Kurti Styling Tips for Short Women

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A woman should always dress to be remembered, not simply to be noticed ergo should always give their best. Sometimes short women are shy to wear a few dresses they like because their height is bothering them but as you can’t do much about your height but you can do a lot with your dressing. So stop complaining and start embracing your persona with these super cool ideas of dressing short women can try to look taller.

1. Skinny belt over broad belt

If you wear broad belts over a kurti it will divide your body into two parts making you look smaller and this is something you don’t want. Instead, you should opt for skinny belts that will make you look taller by giving that sort of illusion. You can buy an ethnic western kurti that comes with a tie-up belt and gives a perfectly chic look. You can even compliment this look by wearing contrasting or matching pumps that will not only beautify your overall look but will also improvise your height.

2. Match the colour of kurti and bottoms

Well, in the ongoing trend when everyone is playing with colours then why one should stick to just one colour. It’s because if you are short then this will give you an illusion of tall height and looks really smart and elegant. You can opt solid colours as it gives the illusion of vertical line making you look taller than your actual height. You must consider your fit as well because a nice fit is really imperative to look lean and tall and choose colours like black, navy blue, red, purple and grey.

3. Pairing Kurti with medium flare skirts

The new style of flared skirts with kurti is very much in vogue these days and it works wonders if you wish to look tall. You must pair it with a long straight and well-fitted kurta along with medium flare skirt. But make sure that the skirt should end just above your ankle so that the purpose is fulfilled also you should feel comfortable while walking in the long flare skirt. You can also wear stilettoes in order to give more edge to your attire.

4. Slim Pants with Kurtis

You can fit the trend, smartness, elegance and crispness in just one look by pairing a kurti with slim pants. It will not just make you look graceful but will also help short women to give an illusion of looking taller than their actual height is. If you are wearing a slim pant it creates a straight line and will enable you to look at your best.

5. Pair your kurti with plazo pants

This is the easiest way to look cute even if you are short height women and it is a very trendy style as well. Pairing your kurti with a plazo pant suits all body type and the best part is it’s an in-thing. You can try medium flare palazzos which should end just below your ankle so that it gives you a taller appearance. You can check out best trendy designs and that too at great deals and offers just by looking for some lucrative reliance trends offer today.

6. Anarkali style kurtis

If you are one of those who are delighted to see the flared floor touching. Anarkali Kurtis then the bitter truth is that you should not wear it because you will look shorter in that style. But the good news is that you can wear short Anarkali that will make you look not just ethereal but also taller than any other kurti style.

7. Straight silhouettes

While the market is flooded with striking designer kurtis but don’t be tempted with anything just because that looks beautiful. The length of the kurti you select plays an imperative role to make you look taller or shorter. So always choose straight and long kurtis to create an illusion to look taller as it draws a vertical line.


One must always dress like it’s their best day of life as each day we write a new story. Women with short height may get frustrated when they are not able to wear their favourite dress but to combat that situation we have burst the bubbles to make you look taller in your favourite kurtis. The aforementioned tips would not only enable you to look taller but will also make you stand out with impeccable dressing.

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