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Your behaviour is keeping you single

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Your behaviour is keeping you single
Your behaviour is keeping you single

Is your behaviour keeping you single? Avoid these errors in the dating game

Dating is not an easy turf. Actually, it’s far from. You don’t reply to one text, and bang — you don’t have a second date anymore. Here’s are two things you might be getting wrong, and how you must fix them:

Not hitting reply
With a lot of work being done over the phone and email, having one more text to reply (even if it’s from your date last night) may not seem top priority. But not everyone gets that.
Why it’s problematic: Remember that when your date sends you a text the next morning, it’s rarely about just asking the name of the dessert you ordered (they could easily get it off the Net). What this person is trying to do is say ‘hi’ and let you know that they have been thinking of you, and want to chat with you. So, while you end the conversation at naming the dessert, your date is going to think you aren’t interested in them, even if that’s not what you meant.
Fix it: This doesn’t mean you stuff hugs and smileys in your text. But being a little casual and asking how their day is going won’t hurt. If you are busy, say that and add that you will get back soon. And yes, get back soon.

Keeping safe distance
There’s no gender bias in this. Both men and women like running after what’s not attainable. So, you keep your dates pleasant, happy and end on a very non-committal note. This means you don’t fix the next date immediately.
Why it’s problematic: Your guy or girl is not going to want to appear too clingy or over-eager — everyone knows that’s a big turn off. So, while the first few calls may sound casual, asking you out for a movie or a drink out with friends, if you don’t start showing some interest in being with the person, the calls are going to dry up altogether.
Fix it: Give in a bit. You don’t need to say ‘I Do’ on a first date, but if you enjoyed the company of the person you had dinner with, tell them that and say you’d be interested in a second date.

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