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Easy ways to healthier eyes

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We tend to ignore the health of our eyes more than any other part of our body. But having healthy eyes is more essential than we imagine and consider, after all it’s your way of looking at the world.

Regular check ups
This is the most obvious ways of keeping your eyes in good health. But most of us fail to visit an eye specialist for regular check-ups. Going for a regular check-up once a year can help you keep your eyes in best condition for long, especially as you age.

Maintain good air quality
Pollution outside is beyond out control. But we can maintain a clean atmosphere in our houses, and avoid unwanted dust and other pollutants to avoid irritants entering the eyes. Those with pets should take care of their falling hair, they can bring irritation to your eyes.

Avoid too much of computers
Staring too much into the computer screen can be dangerous and we all know it. But very few follow the 20-20-20 exercise. After every 20 minutes, look away from your screen at a distance of 20 feet for at least 20 seconds. This will help in relaxing your eyes and also relieve the stress.

Eat right
Healthy food takes care of your entire body. Food items like fish, spinach, red onions, and other food items rich in vitamin C are good for your eyes. Staying away from oily and fatty snacks also make a difference.

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