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Fresh fruit ice pops, anyone?

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The heat is on and looks like it’s going to stay that way until the end of October. How about tucking into special foods and beverages to battle the hot temperatures? While nariyal pani and lemonades are sure to be high on everyone’s list, also try ice pops this time. These can be made at home, without any artificial flavours and preservatives.
Peach lassi-cle: To make it, crush the fruit in a blender with some yoghurt and honey and add some fruit pieces and a little salt to it. Pour this into your pop mould and freeze.

Mix fruit: For some fruity fun, blend together apple, oranges, kiwi and coconut water. Freeze and enjoy.

Strawberry basil-sicle: Mix the pulp of chopped fresh strawberries with basil leaves, lime juice and ginger. Add a little water to it. Chill.

Musk melon-sicle: Soft, fresh musk melon, honey and pudina (mint leaves) are what you need for this pick-me-up.

One for diabetics too: Make a popsicle with the pulp of jamuns. Add a little cinnamon and roast zeera into the pulp. Remove the cinnamon after a while. Freeze.

Breakfast delight: Chop dates and blend with bananas, coconut water and watermelon.

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