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5 mistakes you make while jogging on treadmill

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Error # 1 Not having a plan
You get on, you push start, and you up the speed. You go until the timer hits your set time limit (or your body is too tired), and you stop. Not only is this workout boring, it’s certainly not pushing you to your highest potential level. Remember, you’ll always do more work if you have a plan. Find a thrice-a-week routine, which is conducive to your schedule and stick to your commitment. Following the same plan all the time isn’t ideal, either. The body limits gains when it isn’t challenged in a variety of ways. Think of innovative ways to challenge your body and stay fit.

Error #2 Skipping the warm-up
So, like most, you start off from a standstill at a pace that is impossible to sustain for long?, And then, eventually slow down to start walking slowing shortly after you begin. That doesn’t help. Instead, start by walking for the first five minutes, slowly begin jogging for the next 10 minutes. After the first mile, you can crank it up if you are up for it. This method is not only safer for your body, but you will also not tire yourself out easily.

The same goes for a cool down session -ease back out with five minutes of slower jogging or walking at the end of your run.

Error #3 Ignoring the incline
Here is a rather gentle reminder: Treadmills generally have two variables -speed and incline. Most often, people just leave the incline at zero per cent. This means, when you run in place indoors, you don’t get the wind resistance of an outdoor run. To rev up the running challenge, do even your steady-state treadmill runs at two per cent incline.

Besides, when designing your workouts, don’t forget to mix up the incline as well as the speed. Steeper work engages more of the glutes and hamstrings.

Error #4 Holding on
Grasping the sides is a definite way to mess up your posture and your gait. You’re also taking some of your body weight off your legs and not swinging your arms. By doing this, you are effectively reducing your calorie burn. In case you’re grasping because you can’t keep up, slow down or reduce the incline. And once you are swinging, make sure you’re swinging correctly (your arm drive is almost as important as what you do with your legs).Using a small and swaying arm drive can cause you to rotate, and can eventually lead to all kinds of problems. Instead, engage the muscles in your shoulders and arms to keep your arms parallel to your legs, never letting your hands cross your midline, or driving them so hard that your hands end up at the top of your head. Get it right and you’ll see plenty of benefits.

A powerful leg and arm drive creates a great force that meets across your abdominal. Thus, giving you a fab core workout, as well as, a speedy path to a flat stomach.

Error #5 Over-analysing your stride
When it comes to your legs, here is some good news: Your body will generally figure this out on its own, without you over analysing it. However, some times people do over-estimate a good run, which can lead to too-large strides. Know that you’re never reaching for cause ward with your legs. It will your body weight to not land in front of you, which is so good for the knees.Also, when running on an incline, shorten your stride and move your legs fact. This will help you conquer the slope, both efficiently and effectively.

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