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6 reasons to run a marathon

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A lot of serious and regular runners will swear by the fact that running everyday, be it for a marathon or not, is the most rewarding experience that one can have.

Training to run a marathon not only helps one push one’s physical boundaries. It also helps people learn about their endurance limits. Be it running as a part of a club, or even alone on a chilly morning, runners are united in their opinion that there is nothing more liberating or fun.

If you still think that running is ridiculous or consider running 40-odd kilometres (42.2 kms to be precise), as punishment, then, think again. Here are six reasons why running a marathon is good for you.

– It’s the start of a healthier lifestyle: At the end of the day, nothing bad can come out of running. You will get more exercise, be fit and what’s more — in great shape! Remember that New Year resolution to lose weight? Training to run a marathon can help you keep your promise to yourself.

– Challenge yourself: Sure, there are several moments when you doubt your own capabilities. What’s more, you compete with yourself to run the next one, beating your own time.

– Helps make friends for life: Joining a running club is the best way to connect with people who share the same goals as you. Who knows, you might even make a buddy for life!

– To get your marathoner medal: Nothing can match the feeling of crossing the finish line at a marathon, except maybe getting your marathoner medal. It gives you a sense of achievement and purpose.

– To give back to society in some way: With more marathons being associated with a cause, participating in one can give you a sense of satisfaction. The satisfaction arises from the fact that you are giving back to the society in one way or another.

– To devote some much-needed time for yourself: Running with some great music plugged into your ears every morning is the perfect excuse to devote some time to yourself.

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