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Tips to survive festive cravings

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Even the most strong-willed and health-conscious will give in to temptation. Moreover, it’s no fun to always say `no’. The best way to avoid gaining the extra kilos on your hips and waist is to eat in moderation and follow a regular exercise regimen. There are small ways in which you can regulate your diet during this season, in spite of a few momentary pleasures.

1. Watch the fat intake: Keep a tab on your overall oil, ghee, butter, cream and cheese intake. If you want to indulge in some fried food, try and cut the added fat intake during the rest of the day. Saute veggies or steam them; eliminate tadka from the dal and ghee from the roti.Spread chutney on your bread slice instead of butter. Use a zero-cal oil spray to fry eggs or bhindi.Overall, try and keep the calories balanced by cutting down on excess oil.

2. Hit the gym: In order to maintain the same body weight, you must work out on a daily basis, or at least four days a week. If you’re having a peda or vada pav, make sure you make that extra effort to burn those calories by extending your gym workout or running one more kilometre. It’s not going to completely compensate for your food impulses, but you won’t add a lot of weight to your body.

3. Eat in moderation: Limit yourself to one or two high-calorie food items a day, and then savour that flavour for the rest of the day. Be in control even as you enjoy food. Watch you eating patterns and dismiss any further cheating instincts. Never eat like there’s no tomorrow!

4. Sharing is good: Don’t in dulge in temptation alone, share it with someone else. Split the calorie load. A lot of studies have proved that we relish something delicious only till the first two bites, after that it’s gluttony.

5. Stock up on protein: Deficiency of protein increases dessert cravings. Thus, to have better willpower, ensure that you have your protein tank full. Egg whites, dals, pulses, paneer, tofu, chicken and fish are good sources of protein.

6. Don’t eat to please others: We often overestimate how hurt the other person will feel if we say `no’ to what he/she is offering. But you don’t have to always eat to please others. Eat only when you really want to and can afford to eat, without burdening your tummy. Avoid attaching the emotion of guilt to food.Yes, food is fuel but if this fuel is powered with too many calories, your tummy may complain and bulge out in a few days.

7. Yummy food isn’t going to go extinct: Please re member that yummy goodies and sweet treats will always be around, festival time or not! They are neither seasonal nor in shortage. So, don’t binge on a gulab jamun like you have just got your hands on the last piece.

Most importantly, remember that the sole purpose and focal point of any celebration, festival or puja is not food. Food is just another detail of the whole plan; the main motive is to spread joy and happiness, meet your near and dear ones and show them how much you love and respect them.

Wish you all a very happy festive season!

Deficiency in protein increases dessert cravings. Keep your protein tank full with dal, paneer, tofu, egg whites etc.

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