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How to create a perfect zen garden

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A prime example of doing so is through a zen rock garden, which can be quite an anti-dote to the daily stress. These gardens go back to centuries in Japan and have carefully placed arrangements. If you have sufficient space – outdoors, on your patio or even on a terrace – make this a tranquil spot your getaway zone with a little planning. Here’s how…

Sand can be calming: These gardens are dry landscapes and the ideal way to induce an outdoorsy feel to them is to have sand on the floor instead of the usual wood or marble setting. You can also use a large garden’s spade or fork to create a rippled design in the sand just before having inviting folks over.

Water is a must…: Very little matches up to the sound of rippling water and as per zen philosophy, water lends a positive vibe and energy to any surroundings. Your garden too, should have the dame feature. Create a vertical waterfall if you have a wall for it, or then allow a wooden pipe with water to flow into the space. Another popular water feature in zen spaces is to have a fountain made of stone.

Stones and pebbles: Stones and different sized pebbles are placed in the garden to add balance to it. Here, it is important to arrange these in a symmetric manner and don’t over do them or the place will look cluttered and chaotic. Placing stones one on top of the other also works (use larger ones as the base and smaller as you go upwards). Also, try and use a mix of dark stones and white ones (for the borders).

Tiny statues: Having a few statues around adds to the charm of such a space. Buddha statues are most popular. You can also have stone frogs, birds, fish or even turtles. Pagodas and wind chimes are also often placed within this green space.
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