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The key to successs

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One of the common purposes of life for most of us is to achieve success that gives rise to prosperity, peace, happiness, and a sense of inner fulfillment. In our journey to achieve success in different walks of life; some of us grow and develop, while others seem to be trapped in patterns that limit their happiness and joy.

Some do extremely well in certain areas of their lives while failing miserably in others. A few may be highly successful by conventional and conformist measures more so in the eyes of others, however; they are continually frustrated and disgruntled from within. One common thread defining success is to set goals and priorities for oneself and greater confusion and lack of clarity in thinking to achieve success in totality.

The first step to continually grow and develop requires an individual to set specific goals. These goals must be significant and relevant to the individual concerned and need to be absolutely clear to him/her as a part of success of life’s larger intent and purpose. Accomplishment deadlines should be set and strictly adhered to.

Criteria to measure the outcomes should be well-defined. Clarity about goals constitutes around 80 per cent of success, achievement and joy in life. It is lack of clarity, which results in frustration and underachievement. Individuals with clear, written goals, achieve far more in a given time frame than those who lack such clarity. The power of thought The power of thought and will, if channelised intentionally in a focused manner, generates an abundant flow of energy to overcome and respond to challenges, obstacles and difficulties that come in the way of achievement of our goals.

The basic sequence for success in different walks of life begins with desire, backed by sincere efforts and goal directed actions. A desire to do something gives us the intent, plan and purpose, but it is the `will’ that activates and energises us to act and keep pursuing till we achieve our desired goal. In our journey, even if we fail to achieve the ultimate goal, what matter the most are the lessons learnt, enjoyment derived while working and determination to keep working towards the goal. The power of commitment The power of thought and will power is to be backed by an intense sense of commitment, seriousness and sincerity to achieve the set goals. By committing ourselves to accomplish the goals, we take the most crucial and decisive step in our pursuit for excellence. The power of thoughts backed by commitment and determination transforms dreams into reality. It is dedication to work for well-defined goals that helps in taking steps towards excellence and achieving success.

Thus, success is for those who use the power of thought, will power and commitment in pursuit of their well-defined goals.

The author is dean, student welfare division, BITS Pilani

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