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Relationship queries answered

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Relationship queries answered
Relationship queries answered

I was in a relationship with a girl two years ago. Within a year we broke up. She easily moved on in life but I cannot forget.  Why?
No two personalities are the same. Everyone has different expectations from a relationship. You might have different expectations while you started the relationship and these might have changed as the relationship fell apart.

Same is the case with her. Her expectations in life might be much different, and one where she wants to do something else. It’s easy to feel anger, thinking how she can move on and you cannot. It’s important to understand it might be this anger which is not letting you let go. You have to tell your mind — you want to let go of her. Initially, you might need to say this a few times a day, slowly  within days you will see how she disappears from your mind.

My wife has terrible mood swings. She even hit me when she is angry. She won’t consult a psychiatrist.  What should I do?
You can go online and search for topics related to anger and mood swings. You will find that it happens in many clinical disorders. Get a printout, show it to her. And motivate her to visit a psychiatrist or counsellor. If she still says no, then talk to your general physician or gynaecologist, they can help by motivating her to seek proper treatment for this clinical problem.

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