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Batra is doing a good job, says Ram Madhav

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Books written by Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) activist Dinanath Batra are laudable for their content that seeks to inculcate values in the younger generation, and the controversy about them is being manufactured by pulling out selective portions out of context, BJP leader Ram Madhav said.

Mr. Madhav, until recently an RSS ideologue, has joined the BJP as a full time activist and is likely to be made an office-bearer.

Making Mr. Batra’s books as part of the Gujarat school curriculum has kicked up a row. Mr. Batra told The Hindu in an interview that he was working on a longer-term project to “Indianise education.”

Defending the controversial educationist, Mr. Madhav said: “Mr. Batra is a committed educationist who is working to ensure that Indian values are taught to our children. What is wrong in that? He is doing a good job and people are making unnecessary controversy by picking one or two lines out of context from the books.”

Mr. Madhav said the RSS intervention to stop field trials of GM crops did not amount to “dictating terms. The view taken by the RSS affiliated bodies on GM crops is a valid one.”

He said the RSS has an ideological influence over all its workers whether they are in government or in the BJP.

“The bond between the RSS and the BJP is ideological and inspirational. The RSS does not involve itself in the day-to-day functioning of the BJP or the government, but its opinions on various issues would be considered seriously by the party and the government. Several important functionaries in the government and the BJP have come from the RSS.”

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