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Modi contrary to ‘idea of India’, exposed in Patna: Khurshid

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Modi contrary to 'idea of India', exposed in Modi contrary to 'idea of India', exposed in Patna: KhurshidPatna: Khurshid
Modi contrary to 'idea of India', exposed in Patna: Khurshid

New Delhi – Union Minister Salman Khurshid on Wednesday criticised BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi for going ahead with his political rally in Patna despite the blasts at the venue in which six people were killed, saying it was a “giveaway” and exposed his true character of not caring for anyone.

“Were they (victims) who came to see him canon fodder. He did not even say that he was very sorry that this happened…. Look at the conduct of Modi in this rally.

“His conduct in that rally was a giveaway. He doesn’t care. If he had cared, he would have said that today is not the day of my speech. Today let us have two minutes silence and let us disburse,” Khurshid said in an interview here.

Seven blasts had rocked the Maidan and surrounding areas on Sunday at the Modi’s ‘Hunkar’ rally. Six people were killed and 82 others were injured in the blasts.

Khurshid said that Modi does not speak to any person, who can query and dissent. “He does not talk to people. He talks at people and in a democracy in which you talk at people is not a good democracy. We want to talk to people. Rahul Gandhi in his own way tries to talk to people,” he said.

“Modi’s style is that whatever he has said is final. And no one has a right to question him,” Khurshid said.

The senior Congress leader also defended Rahul Gandhi’s statement in a rally in Rajasthan that Pakistani intelligence agency ISI was getting in touch with some victims of Muzaffarnagar communal violence.

“Did Bombay bomb blasts have nothing to do with Dawood or Dawood had nothing to do with ISI. They exploited Bombay and we must fight this exploitation. Rahul Gandhi is saying the same thing in different words. We have to fight any exploitation. The way to fight exploitation is that nobody is made psychologically vulnerable,” Khurshid said.

He also took a dig at BJP and RSS on the issue, saying, “Is it double speak that Modi says Rahul Gandhi should apologise for the remarks and and RSS says Rahul Gandhi is right. Why does Modi not tell RSS to apologise for saying that Rahul is right. Frankly he should first get his own chap to apologise.”

Khurshid said the 2014 Lok Sabha election was not a Rahul Gandhi versus Modi contest, adding it was about “idea of India” and the Gujarat Chief Minister was “totally contrary to the idea of India”.

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