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Offbeat furniture types to redefine your interior

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Furniture is now a part and parcel of every person’s – or better yet, family’s – life. As more importance is now given to appearances, furniture does play a key role in that. More the simple but expensive furniture, more are people likely to believe you are rich, or at least well-to-do. However, one has to keep in mind that you don’t have to get some nice-looking, appealing to everyone, costly furniture just to impress others. You should, instead, decorate your house with something that gives you peace. While this trend still continues, something called offbeat furniture is taking its firm stand in the market.

What is Offbeat furniture?

Simply put, offbeat furniture is something that doesn’t fit in the conventional image of furniture and related things. For example, tables are – as collective psyche tends to believe – always rectangular in shape. The offbeat version of this rectangular box would be a circular table, or a table with as much sections as a proper cupboard. They give you joy, but also makes you stand out among the crowd. And at the end of the day, people just want to establish their own unique identity.

Some examples of funky, offbeat furniture –

As the fame and usage of offbeat pieces go up, so does its production. Given below are some of the most unusual examples of furniture you can ever see, or get your hands on.

  1. Religious Furniture:
    Keeping a statue of your Gods at home is a question of faith; having religious symbols in your interior to ‘spice it up’ is a classic example of offbeat. For example, there is an artifact – or better yet, a lounger–called ‘Celebrating the Cross’ made in 1982, which is weirdly aesthetic. It spans a considerable horizontal distance, with purposeful wire-like structures strewn around its sitting area. It is all black in color and would perfectly go with a white or a one-color theme in your house. And this is just one example of religious furniture!
  2. Daisy Chairs:
    These chairs deserve their own place in this article. These chairs, when seen from a side view, literally forms daises petals. It feels, at least in appearance, as if they are better suited for railway or metro stations’ platforms. Chair pattern like this is nothing, as compared to some other extravagant structures; however, all of them are unique in their own way, and as far as I know, most of them will be available on PepperFry – one of the leading online furniture stores in India and across the globe as well. Checkout the store for some solid discounts and cashbacks and redesign your interior with beautiful pieces.
  3. Tipping Box Furniture:
    Storage options have undergone such a transformation that it’s hard to keep up with it. The latest that I came across was the tipping box furniture, where the storage units are stacked haphazardly over or around each other. It is, surprisingly, quite strong and can actually keep your stuff safe. However, it does give a very trendy feel to the room and would tell a lot about the owner – messy and yet organized.
  4. Lucite furniture:
    Lucite furniture is made from the clear, transparent material of Lucite. That would mean transparent tables, chairs, even beds! A person who is very much open in his or her behavior, like they would share everything with everyone, i.e. no secrets or lying in their lives – now those are the people this furniture would suit the most. If you have decided to make your theme white, then this furniture should be given top priority or preference!
  5. Toy-inspired tables:
    These tables would go the best either in the games room, or the den area and obviously the children’s bedrooms. These are not just any tables that look like they belong to someone small – they also light up when in dark! Even if you are getting to know about this for the first time, its overall popularity is actually high. Inspired by yo-yo, these are painted neon, so that they light up in the dark. These tables can also be used in the lounge area – because they are specifically made for this area!
  6. Faux Brick Chairs:
    Bricks are usually now associated with rural areas and obviously walls. Walls with no brick sticking out of it is almost impossible to imagine; and as for rural areas, all the houses there are seen to be without any color coat on the brick-walls. This chair, therefore, tries to bring pieces of the outside world inside. The print of this chair is a brick-like pattern, complete with proper ‘cement’ lines and the reddish-brown tint. Who wouldn’t want such an offbeat chair in their already offbeat interiors?
  7. Snail-inspired furniture:
    Perhaps you are not even that big of a fan of snails, but this furniture is just hard to miss. There are chairs, primarily, in this category, which unbelievably look and are actually in the shape of a snail. The ‘Helix Chair’ is made by Karmelina Martina, and has many benefits, thanks to its soft plush edges and round holes in the middle, to not only give it a snail-like appearance but also make a place for you to keep things – such as books.
  8. Minimalist furniture:
    Minimalist is the trend of this decade, and by the looks of it, of the next two decades as well. To those of you who don’t know, it is nothing but complex, overcomplicated things simplified enough to reduce the extravagance and fit the aesthetic perfectly. Functional furniture with a maximum of two basic colors – that’s the simplest way minimalist furniture can be explained. There are many shows on the television channels, where you see hosts of the show trying to sell minimalist houses to the clients. This furniture does make a lot of difference in your living conditions – incorporate this type of furniture in your interiors once, and you will never regret it. Pepperfry does have a lot of options in this kind of furniture, each piece, better than the other.

Furniture is not a head-ache, as most people think it is. You just have to find your own likes and dislikes, and apply the same while choosing the ‘offbeat’ furniture to make your life more fun!

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