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Rape cases doubled in Delhi post Dec 16

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Rape cases doubled in Delhi post Dec 16
Rape cases doubled in Delhi post Dec 16

New Delhi – The number of reported rape cases has doubled! and sexual assault cases increased fourfold in the national capital after the Dec 16, 2012, gang rape, an international human rights organisation said Monday.

The conviction rates have conversely dropped from 41 to 24 percent between 2001 and 2012.

“The extremely low conviction rates send out a signal to perpetrators that they are free to act with impunity and can deter women from reporting rape and other crimes of sexual violence,” said Sehjo Singh, director of programmes and policy, ActionAid India.

“If the Indian government is serious when it says it wants to reduce rape and other violent crimes against women, it must ensure that every case of sexual assault is treated with sensitivity, and 23,000 rape cases pending in courts should be put on speedy trial,” Singh said.

ActionAid has also been demanding the introduction of a series of measures to make hospitals, police and other law enforcement agencies more sensitive and accessible to wom! en and to improve the way the courts deal with sexual crimes a! gainst women.

“The government should establish a 24-hour national helpline specifically for rape survivors and set-up a women’s cell, staffed by police and legal advisors, that will support women who are affected by violence in filing reports and with court proceedings,” Singh said.

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