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Was it All About Money? Latest Developments in Sheena Bora Case

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MUMBAI: Four days after Indrani Mukerjea, a former media executive, was arrested for the murder of her daughter, Sheena Bora, the police says it is looking at whether a complicated financial agreement was the likely motive. Here are the 10 new developments in this story:
After Ms Mukerjea and her husband Peter Mukerjea exited the media group INX that they had co-founded, they were surrounded by a whorl of allegations of embezzlement.
They set up INX Media in 2007 with three television channels; they opted out in 2009. There were reports later of a matrix of proxy firms that were used to receive the money that had been siphoned.
The police are looking at whether this secret conglomerate existed and if Ms Bora was entangled in it.
Ms Bora was last seen alive in 2012 in Mumbai when Ms Mukerjea for years introduced her as a sister; she later claimed the 24-year-old had moved to the US.
An anonymous phone call to the police three/four months ago disclosed that Ms Bora had been killed by Ms Mukerjea. Upon arrest on Monday night, Ms Mukerjea ceded that she had lied about her relationship with her daughter.
Ms Bora’s relationship with her mother was twisted into further complexity by her relationship with Peter Mukerjea’s son, Rahul, the child of a previous marriage. The step-siblings had fallen in love and were living together.
Peter Mukerjea has told NDTV that neither he nor his wife concealed their disapproval of the relationship.
Mr Mukerjea first said he had heard “rumours” that Ms Bora was his wife’s sister, but ignored them. Last night, he said that Ms Bora and his son had told him the truth, but that he chose to believe his wife instead.
Ms Mukerjea has been married thrice. Her second husband, Sanjeev Khanna, has been arrested for the murder. He has allegedly told the police that he was asleep in a car with Ms Bora, Ms Mukerjea and her driver when the murder took place.
Rahul Mukerjea dropped Ms Bora off to meet her mother. In Ms Mukerjea’s car, the young woman was allegedly made to drink water laced with sedatives and then killed. Her body, according to the police, remained in the boot of the car that night in Peter Mukerjea’s car. The next morning, it was set on fire in a forest on the outskirts of Mumbai.

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