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Akhilesh blames Cong, says Third Front to form govt

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Mumbai : The Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Akhilesh Yadav came to Mumbai on last leg of North Central candidate of Samajwadi Party, Farhan Azmi’s campaign.

Yadav was dismayed the way Congress was pointing fingers at a particular business house and the BJP for being supported by them. “Congress is pointing fingers at a businessman for supporting the BJP, but till few years ago Congress was being supported by the same business house,” said Yadav.

“The environment should be to encourage entrepreneurship and good business and not have monopoly. The way Congress allowed certain businesses to become a monopoly indicates there was some corruption and this also increases the inflation. This is the mistake of Congress of allowing only few business houses to thrive”, he added.

Speaking about the BJP and Congress performance, Yadav said both shouldn’t let their hope soar too high. These elections one can see a Third Front. “Going by the current trend, I see a Third Front government being formed. This country’s constitution is secular and socialist and we believe in both. Although some parties are communal and yet are being pushed due to their marketing strategy,” said Yadav.

Yadav cautioned that the government has failed the farmers and this is not a good sign. “Corruption has increased farmers are upset and there are many obstacles in the paths of the farmers. Many natural calamities of late and other worries like loans and interest. Despite progress and economy doing well, if the poor don’t get resources or the farmer is unhappy, then it can’t be called as progressive,” said Yadav.

“The next decade is crucial to implement the correct schemes and increase employment rate, else India will be seen a nation of senior citizens”, Yadav said, adding that, “Our demographic rates show high number of youth. We hear people say that India is a country of young people. However, if these number of youth don’t get jobs on time, the unemployment rate increases then our country will soon in 10 years be seen a country of aged. So whatever changes we want, policies we need to implement, should be seen implemented within 10-15 years,” said Yadav.

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