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BSP, SP, Congress only know how to make fun of the poor: Narendra Modi

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Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi on Monday attacked the Samajwadi Party (SP), the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) and the Congress for making fun of the poor and raising doubts about a tea seller running this country.

“It is the people who will teach a lesson to parties like the SP, BSP and Congress. The minds of this trio have been filled with so much about rights that they make fun of the poor. I have no regret with the Almighty as to why I was born in a poor and a backward family. What pains me is that those big leaders from these three parties make fun and raise doubts about the ability of a tea seller to run this country. The issue is not about me, the issue is about their mindsets. I can boast of selling tea, and at least, I have not sold the country like them. They not only believe in dynastic politics, but also in extended family, as they are including their son-in-law. Can’t they even think that people from outside their family in the society can do any good for the people. They only believe that their daughter and daughter-in-law will only do good, and therefore, they are insulting the future of Uttar Pradesh,” Modi said at a rally in Hardoi. He attacked Rahul Gandhi for expressing fake concern about the poor and visiting the poor as if he was heading to a tourist destination.

“There are people who come to catch a glimpse of Taj Mahal and take snaps of it, and show it to their kin when they are back home. In a similar way, Rahul Gandhi visits the poor like a tourist and takes along with him several cameramen, as he knows nothing about poor, and hence, sees his visits to their homes as a tourist destination. In order to have the best photo opportunity, he lifts a poor baby, and even eats their food, denying them theirs. What will he know about the condition of poor when he is born with a golden spoon. I know it very well how one feels in chilling winter when you don’t have enough to cover yourself,” Modi added.

“It is the mother and son duo which has finished this country, and similarly, it is the father and son duo who have destroyed Uttar Pradesh. You have two types of government here, where the father and son duo attacks Behenji (Mayawati) and vice-versa. Therefore, they do not have time to look after the welfare of people, and the mother and son duo only add fire to the tussle between the SP and the BSP. They do not think at all of the poor or the farmers. Enough is enough, now give me an opportunity to serve you,” Modi added.

“I am amazed at the sheer gun culture being practiced in UP. Can the government in Uttar Pradesh give answers to this?,” said Modi. He asked: “How come common people possess more arms than what the police carry with them?”. He asked the crowd to elect a strong government, as they had already seen the misgovernance of all other parties, be it in UP or at the Centre.

“Tell me something that the SP, BSP and the Congress ruled you for so many years. Do you want to still face the hardships which your parents had to face. If you want change in your lives, then, you must replace the government in Delhi. Brothers and sisters, the country needs a country that can give a firm government. It cannot have someone ruling through remote-control. If one who cannot take care of Amethi, then how can one think that a country will be taken care of by that person,” Modi asked while referring to Rahul Gandhi.

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