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Butterfly Tattoos

Butterflies, the tiny insects with colorful wings, are one of the most chosen subjects for artistic expression in the field of painting and music. The lively, colorful butterflies can also be found in clothing, bags, jewelry, hair clips and almost everything that has to be made colorful. The beautiful creature also features in the coloring books of children, as it is the best way to explain the vibrant color to the little ones. Apart from featuring in music, painting, accessories, clothing and the coloring books of the kids, butterflies are now a part of the hottest trend of body art - tattoo.

Due to their mere colorful appearance, butterflies are often tattooed upon various body parts, including lower back, shoulder blade, chest area and arms. On one side, the tattoo designers enjoy playing with colors, when they spread out the wings for the butterfly on a tattoo. On the other side, the wearers (usually women) find it delighting to flaunt a colorful body art, to match with their attire and style. Go through the following lines to get interesting information on butterfly tattoos.

Butterfly Tattoos

  • Butterfly tattoo designs come in a wide variety of color schemes, ranging from dual-tones to multicolored.
  • Apart from the permanent ones, you can are given numerous options of stick-on butterfly tattoos to choose from. In case you want to change your style on a daily basis, you may resort to the stick-on butterfly tattoos, which can be easily removed using acetone or any paint remover.
  • The body painted butterfly tattoos is least permanent among others, because they can be easily removed with one wash.
  • One of the prominent reasons, why butterfly tattoos are very popular is their versatility. Apart from the lower back, shoulder blade, chest area and arms, the butterfly tattoo design can be created on the ankle, wrist, stomach, thighs or even the breast!
  • The wings of the butterflies are often focused in the tattoo. Apart from the standard wings of the creature, you may also encompass meaningful symbols, initials of your name or small zodiac signs somewhere within the pattern.
  • Since the butterfly begins its life cycle as a caterpillar, then hardened chrysalis before emerging as a lovely butterfly, women see the beautiful insect as a symbol of their own transformation from a child into a woman. Therefore, butterfly tattoos are considered purely feminine.
  • Butterfly tattoos represent beauty, renewed life and are popular in almost all cultures around the world. In some parts of the world, the creature represents freedom.
  • Butterfly finds a prominent place in the types of tattoos, because different meanings are associated with the creature. For instance, people in Japan believe that if a butterfly flies into their guest room, the person they love the most would come to them, soon. Chinese consider a couple of butterflies as the symbol of love. According to many people, luck will shine, if a butterfly lands on them.

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