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Dragon Tattoos

A symbol of power and danger, dragon has always been an object of attraction.They have emerged as a popular design for tattoos. Due to their versatility in terms of size and design, dragon tattoos can be drawn to grace any part of the body. Dragon tattoos have been used to symbolize various emotions like luck, freedom, rage and destruction. According to the historical records, men tattooed the images of tattoos upon their body to denote power or protection, as men were considered the guardians of the society and the family.

Some people wish to get the dragon tattoos done on their body as to follow their customs and traditions, while others want to look unique, by flaunting their tattooed body part. Just as there are different types of dragons, there are numerous types of dragon tattoos as well, some of the most common being the designs of eastern, western, Japanese and Chinese tattoos. All of them are different and unique in their own terms. In this article, we have discussed about the prevalent types of dragon tattoo designs.

Dragon Tattoo Designs

Eastern Dragon Tattoos
The eastern dragon is worshipped by Chinese people, who are believed to be the descendants of the dragon. The beautiful eastern dragons are considered as the symbol of luck and positive energy and are friendly. They are characterized by beards with whiskers, long slender body and four short legs. Majority of eastern dragon tattoos are colored red or green. However, you may choose any color for the ink, as per your wish.

Western Dragon Tattoos
Contrary to the eastern dragons, the dragons in the western world are seen as villainous. They are imagined as fire-breathing dragons, which terrorize the villages, abduct women and children. They resemble serpents, in terms of their powerful and muscular bodies. The western dragons are characterized by four strong legs, a wedged shaped head, pointed teeth and large wings, which gives them the ability to fly high.

Japanese Dragon Tattoos
It is a popular belief that Japanese dragon tattoos are symbol of freedom, power and kindness. Hence, it is a custom for the people living in Japan to get dragon tattoo done on their body parts, typically the arms. The Japanese dragons are characterized by serpent-like bodies, small legs, three toes, four claws and are wingless.

Chinese Dragon Tattoos
You can find a wide variety of Chinese dragon tattoos. Among them, the most common is the Horned Dragon, which is believed to produce rain. Other types of dragon tattoos include Winged Dragon (the only dragon to have wings), Celestial Dragon, Spiritual Dragon, Hidden Treasure Dragon, Coiling Dragon, Yellow Dragon, Underground Dragon and Dragon King. Apart from these types, Chinese zodiac dragon tattoos are also available


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