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Christmas Holiday Decoration

Christmas is the most exciting time of the year. As it is the time for festivities, gifts, celebration and holidays. Christmas is incomplete without the decorations that go with the holiday seasons. There are more than one ways of decorating your home for the Christmas seasons. You need not go overboard with your expenses for the decorations. Here are a few tips on cheap holiday decorating.

  • The first thing that you should do is deciding a theme, based on which the Christmas holiday decoration can be done. Here are a few suggestions for a theme, a toy land Christmas, Victorian Christmas, country theme etc.
  • Cut Christmas shapes out of felt like little stockings, holly leaves, mittens, little Christmas trees etc. Then make a garland using them. Tie a knot on either side of each shape to keep them in place. You could stuff the left over felt scraps between two similar cuttings and then sewing them up. This will enhance the way they look.
  • Use old cleaned jar of jam or pickles; tie a red ribbon around their neck. Put little candles in them and arrange them in peppermints, nuts, dried leaves etc. Place several of them together for effect.
  • As you will be decorating each holiday season, it is a good idea to start a Christmas collection. It could be anything like candles, different types and sizes of stocking, santas, different holiday wreaths etc. They do not have to be very expensive. Buy them at sales and in bargain stores.
  • Decide on your theme well before the holiday season begins, so that you can begin collecting items for your decoration based on the theme. For example if you decide on a toy land theme. Buy stuffed toys like teddy bears etc from thrift stores or at sales. Dress the up in holiday colors and tie ribbons on them.
  • Take cheap glass balls and place them in a bowl and add some green ferns and ribbons to the bowl. Place these around the house. Instead of the bowl you can take an old cardboard box and cover it with gift-wrapping paper or fabric.
  • Wrap your wall hangings in colorful paper like a gift and hang them on the wall. This will add to the festive feeling at home.
  • Use ribbons to tie ferns or ornaments to the chandelier. Make sure that they do not come in contact with candles kept on the table.
  • Use left over paper from decorating to make gift tags. You can cut them out in different shapes; use a scalloped scissors to cut the tag out. Use a gold pen to write out the message.
  • Cut out Christmas decoration shapes in sponge, dip them in paint and paint your windows. Add a teaspoon of liquid dish wash to acrylic craft paint. Doing this will enable you to remove the paint with the help of window cleaner. Use non-scratching scrubber to remove tough spots on the window. Use gold metallic color, as the effect is great.

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