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It's not just about the beautiful palace that you crave for but also about the feelings attached to it that you value. The colorful home accessories that were bought and the feelings and emotions that family members shared with each other is what makes the home more precious. The home witnesses a lot of happenings in our life a mixture of good and bad. Therefore while decorating the house, the focus should not just be on classy expensive home decoration pieces but on articles that add some personal touch to your home. Every household item should have some reflex ion of your personal taste.

While shopping for the colorful home accessories like lampshades, plants, fabrics, wallpapers and kitchenware etc, give due consideration to your personal choice. If you are designing your bedroom, then look out for things that go well with your personality. If you very jovial and bubbly kinds, then a lot of handcraft pieces would please you. Bright wall colors like red, blue or yellow with some artistic wooden lampshade will be apt. Fill the space with lot of colorful stuffed toys.

For an elderly person who is a nature lover, plants would be the best option to decorate. Nice cool fabrics and decent monochromatic color scheme would be perfect. If you are fond of accessorizing your room to such an extent that you don't feel the need to leave any corner untouched, then go in for decent wall colors like beige, fawn and crème that can accommodate all these decorative items. Whatever you choose, make sure it reflects your inner self.


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