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Amritsar street food that will make your mouth water

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A visit to Amritsar invariably includes two things—paying your respects at the Golden Temple, and gorging on all the delicacies the city dishes up. The locals here love their street food, and the city is swarming with street-side vendors selling the freshest, hottest and richest versions of everything from a refreshing glass of lassi and sugary, sweet halwa, to buttery paranthas and spicy gravy. Here’s out list of rich Punjabi delicacies in all their fatty splendour—so get your hands dirty, and eat to your heart’s content. You’ll probably pack on a couple of extra kilos, but we guarantee it’ll be worth the weight.

Giani Tea Stall
Gurmit Singh has been running his tea stall very successfully for the last 58 years, and shows no signs of slowing down. When it comes to bubbling hot creamy chai, this man has the perfect formula.

Makhan Ka Dhaba
If the name were any indication, you can safely presume that a visit to Makhan Ka Dhaba won’t help in trimming your waist. Here’s what you get—absolutely fresh pieces of boneless sole fish, coated in a spicy batter of gram flour and carom seeds, deep fried till they’re crisp and golden on the outside, and soft and moist within.

Sunder Meat Shop
You can smell this joint before you see it. With 70 years of experience under their belt, the owners of Sunder Meat Shop have been dishing out some of the city’s best kebabs from their humble venue in Chatiwind Chowk near Chawl Mandi.

Chawla’s Chicken
Chawla’s has several outlets, within Amritsar and even spread across the rest of the country, but it all began right here on Lawrence road, near Bansal Sweets.

Ahuja’s Kesar Wali Lassi
You know that image you have in your head, of a strapping sardar downing glass after glass of chilled lassi without the faintest hint of stopping? Ahuja’s stall—it’s close to Hindu College, and has the students dropping in by the hour—has become an institution of sorts in the city.

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