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Unique things to experience in Hyderabad

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A land once ruled by the Nizams, the city of Hyderabad still holds on its ancient royalty, heritage, and all things regal. But the city is more than its historical architecture and antique vibes. The modern-day Hyderabad paints a very different picture of what this metro is all about. If there is the Charminar, Golconda Fort, and the Chowmahalla Palace on one side, there are swanky, glass edifices, and creative contemporary constructions towering over its history. Whether you snake through the old quarters and narrow alleys or bask in the luxurious vibes of the upscale neighborhoods, you will see how the city’s old-world charm and the technology revolution have come together and made this southern capital an exceptional experience.

Book a reliable and comfortable taxi in Hyderabad and take a tour of some these unique places in Hyderabad.

Visit the Sudha Car Museum

A one-of-its-kind place, this is the only museum in the country that showcases exclusive handmade automobiles. It was founded and established by Mr. K. Sudhakar, an automobile hobbyist who created miniature car models since his childhood. His unique collection went on to be recognized on an international level, putting him in the Guinness Book of World Records for his work. The museum boasts the largest collection of handmade automobiles including vintage and modern cars, buses, motorbikes, and bicycles.

Explore the NTR Gardens

Dedicated to the legendary actor, producer, director, editor, and Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, N.T. Rama Rao, this public garden is one of the most popular attractions in the city. Although it is quite famous, its design and concept is truly unique and cannot be found anywhere else in the country. The huge open area is laid out with landscaped gardens, flower bed with some of the most exotic floral plants, fancy topiary, and treehouses. There are musical fountains with lighting shows in the evenings, and toy train rides for children. What stands out in the entire premise are the larger-than-life models of fruits. This park has served as a movie set for numerous regional movies, and continue to do so.

Spend a day at Shilparamam

If you love art and all things artistic, then this is a place you must visit. It is an artificially created village-like set up, housing a huge art community. It is mostly targeted to local artists and artisans. You will find artworks, handcrafted souvenirs, and other artistic displays. There is a gallery, a museum, and a lake within the premise. The community holds exhibitions and events where art enthusiasts and patrons from all over the city (and other parts of the state) come to encourage and support the artists here and enjoy a very different aspect of the tech-city.

Dine in the dark

Hyderabad is said to be a foodie’s paradise. From the traditional royal recipes to modern molecular gastronomy, there’s nothing you will not find in this city. But there’s one dining experience, which is very exclusive to the modern Hyderabad. Dialogue in the Dark is a restaurant run and managed by a team of specially-abled people and remains unlit, except for in certain areas, letting you experience how it is to dine in the dark.

Picnic at the Himayat Sagar

Beyond the bustling crowds of the old city and the beelines of professionals, find a respite on the banks of the Himayat Sagar Lake. At just 20 Km outside the city perimeters of Hyderabad, this tranquil zone is perfect for a lazy day by the lake. It is an ideal place in the winters or post-monsoon. So pack your picnic basket, some good reads, music, and leave the city’s madness for a day.

Take a Rock Walk

Like food walks, heritage walks, and similar expeditions, there’s also an opportunity to do a rock walk. As strange as it may sound, this is a way to explore the fascinating rock formations around the natural landscape of Hyderabad. While most of Hyderabad’s history is dominated by the colonial period, this region was an important part of the prehistoric era. The Deccan Plateau, on which the city sits, is more than 2500 years old, formed by geographical events. And each of those events left behind some unique rock structures, which still stand today. If you love archeology and nature, you will find this tour interesting. To make it more exciting, you can join a trek organized by the local group called The Society to Save Rocks.

Go bird watching at Shamirpet Lake

This is the perfect outdoor activity to do in winter or early spring. Rent a cheap car in Hyderabad with an experienced driver, and head to this scenic locale right outside the city. The beautiful Shamirpet Lake lies near the highway on the way to Karimnagar. The huge water body and the surrounding greenery invites flocks of migratory birds and some native birds from the surrounding forests and national parks. The lake area makes for a great day in the outdoors and the perfect destination for birding expeditions.

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