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Education in Jalpaiguri

To cope up with the changing scenario of educational development, the State Government had worked for the upliftment of the standard of education in Jalpaiguri, since it emerged as the separate functional unit of independent India. Presently the educational status of Jalpaiguri is no less significant in West Bengal.

Jalpaiguri is the home of several renowned schools. The schools here are either run by the West Bengal State Government (affiliated to WBHSE) or by the Catholic institutions or the private concerns (affiliated to the ICSE and CBSE, Delhi.). Several well-known state-run schools Zillah School, Government Girls' school, the Fanindra Dev Institution, the Central Girls School etc. are the seat of academics. Jalpaiguri is presently a prominent name in the educational arena of West Bengal.

A considerable number of colleges (all affiliated to the North Bengal University) providing a superior quality of education enhanced the educational significance in Jalpaiguri. The colleges offer education in the streams of Arts, Commerce and Science.

Different types of academic institutions are also there in Jalpaiguri. Jalpaiguri Government Engineering College, providing training to all the branches of engineering presently is the second oldest of all the technical institutions in West Bengal. Jalpaiguri Polytechnic institution is one of the remarkable institutions in Bengal. Apart from the colleges providing technical trainings, Jalpaiguri B.T College is equally important.

On a whole, Jalpaiguri has undergone a significant change in the field of education.


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