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Education in India

Education in Kolkata

The tradition of education in Kolkata had there been long, since the advent of the British imperialism in India. Kolkata, the second city of the British used to be a seat of modern education and culture in India, when the impact of the British was full blooming in the Indian life. Hence, the status and position, Kolkata has achieved in the field of education is not an abrupt or sudden development. The education in Kolkata is an extended process developed from the beginning.

The present scenario of education in Kolkata gives it prominence in the international arena of education.Kolkata is the home to numerous schools, colleges, and universities; even a good number of vocational and technical institutions are dotted across the city of Kolkata. They provide a quality education to the students and nowadays Kolkata is a bright name in the field of education.

The education in Kolkata presents a parallel system. Here the schools are run either by the state Government or by the Private concerns and religious institutions. The Schools run by the State Government are affiliated to the West Bengal Board of Higher Secondary education (WBHSE) and the schools aided by the private concerns and the religious institutions are affiliated to ICSE or CBSE. Besides, the Islamic madrashas are there for the Muslim folk here. The Madrashas are developed by the state Government for the upliftment of the standard of education of the minority in Kolkata. A system of education called the Open Education, which has its center in Delhi, is, now earning prominence in the educational arena of Kolkata.

To enhance the standard of education in Kolkata and to bring the maximum students in the school system, the Government has implemented a system of 'Shikshalaya Prakalpa'.It is an initiative to endow the non-privileged with the light of education. However the program with its mellowness is successful enough to bring the maximum number of population to the system of education, thereby providing a new dimension to the education in Kolkata.

Kolkata houses nine universities providing education in different branches in its core. Numerous colleges, either in Kolkata or in the suburbs are affiliated with these Universities. Calcutta University, with which nearly all the degree colleges in Kolkata are attached, is the backbone of the education in Kolkata. The university itself provides not only the postgraduate educations in the general Streams like Arts, Science and Commerce, but offers a degree in different vocational subjects. Rabindrabharati University is the principal seat of Fine arts and Visual arts in Eastern India.Jadavpur University is the seat of the academics.at the same time is a superior government engineering college. The University also provides some vocational training. The three Universities constitute the pillars of education in Kolkata.
Apart from these, there are engineering colleges of advanced quality in Kolkata. Bengal Engineering and Science University is one of its kinds in Kolkata. The West Bengal, National University of Juridical Sciences, West Bengal University of Health Sciences,West Bengal University of Animal and Fishery Sciences (Calcutta)West Bengal University of Animal and Fishery Sciences, West Bengal University of Technology are some offering a world class education, thereby changing the entire vista of education in Kolkata.

The Medical colleges in Kolkata heightened the prospect of education in Kolkata. Calcutta Medical College and Hospital was a boon when established in 1835. Since then it has been serving the purpose of Medical education at the same time serving as the hospital. The other Medical Colleges, which are Government undertaking, owes equal importance to that of the Calcutta Medical College in the medical educational system of Kolkata. N.R.S Medical College, R.G. Kar Medical College, S.S.K.M Medical College, R.Ahmed Dental College. National Medical College etc are some worth mentioning in the field of medical education in Kolkata.

A bunch of research institute in the heart of Kolkata, has credited the education of Kolkata a national standard. Bose Institute (Physics Research Center),Indian Statistical Institute,Indian Institute of Management, Marine Engineering and research Institute, Indian Institute of Chemical Biology etc and Satyajit Roy Film and Television Institute (one of the famous film institute in India), are some of the institute known in the national level and elevated the educational status of Kolkata in the international level.

Several foreign institutions have their branches in the city of Kolkata.Kolkata is profused with diversified schools and colleges, providing educational training about different branches of learning, thereby help the system and procedure of education in Kolkata to attain a prestigious standard in the international arena.


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