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Complete Indoor Air Solutions – What to Look For?

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The quality of air you breathe is an important factor that contributes to the overall health and well-being. Therefore, it is no surprise that we often complain of low productivity, health issues and general lack of comfort. A lot is due to the rising levels of air pollution in the air outside.

Even when we are indoors, there is no real protection from the polluted air outside, and we continue to breathe-in harmful quantities of ultrafine pollutants, day-in and day out. Studies show that indoor air can be more harmful than the outside air since most accommodations in urban areas aren’t adequately ventilated.

The only way out is to cleanse the air inside with the help of complete indoor air solutions. These devices can help monitor and improve the quality of air inside the living space when used in conjunction with ventilation and pollution source control, wherever possible. While purchasing an ideal indoor air solution for the home, here’s what you need to look for.

Noiseless Operation

Most homeowners in India prefer electronic appliances and devices that make negligible noise during operation. The same is true for indoor air solutions. Therefore, premium-range air purifiers from reputable manufacturers such as IQAir, are some of the quietest high-performance devices available in the market.

For example, the latest HealthPro 250 air purifier from IQAir produces 7% less noise across all fan speeds on average, without compromising on system efficiency or filter life. This is possible due to the placement of the fan motor between rubber suspension pads and sound-attenuating filters. As a result, the device is an efficient air purification instrument, quiet enough for your bedroom.


The adage of ‘the bigger, the better’ isn’t entirely right for indoor air solutions. While a robust performance is undoubtedly desirable from these devices, you surely wouldn’t want to install an air purifier that sticks out like an eye-sore!

Therefore, top-performing complete indoor air solutions in India often depict sleek, modular designs that are both efficient and aesthetically appealing. Further, these purifiers and air quality monitoring devices are portable, which means their usage isn’t limited to one particular room or space.

Instead, you can quickly move them around the house to provide high-performance air purification wherever needed. You can also roll them over inside a closet or other handy storage area when they are not in use.

Air Quality Monitoring

Merely having an air purifier isn’t enough for ensuring that the air inside is ideal for your family at all times. You need to be sure. Therefore, you need to have an air quality monitor in place to take out all the guesswork from purifying your home.

Indoor air solutions from reputable resellers such as BreatheEasy pack highly advanced air-particulate detection capabilities. Further, these devices are also equipped with analytical functionalities powered by big data, artificial intelligence and cloud computing to provide personalised alerts, tips and advice.

Therefore, having an air quality monitor is crucial for ensuring that your loved ones breathe the cleanest air possible.

Gift Your Family Clean Air

There’s no substitute for the love we have for our family. Our actions, thoughts and time – all are devoted to ensuring their well-being and health at all times. Having a complete indoor air solution at your home, therefore, would help you ensure that your family is secure from the harmful effects of the increasing air pollution.

Premium air quality solutions such as those from IQAir are equipped with a robust structural design, high-performance capability and ease of operation to make your home, a safe place where your loved ones can live long and thrive.

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