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Shahid Kapoor said of Jersey’s theatrical release: “We were all deeply rooting for Sooryavanshi’s success so we were all able to release ours.”

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Shahid Kapoor said he was lucky to see Jersey in theaters, especially after theaters were closed for a long time due to the pandemic.
Shahid Kapoor released the trailer for his next film, “Jersey,” on Tuesday. At the start of his trailer, Shahid said he thought he was lucky to have his film hit theaters, especially after theaters had been closed for a long time due to the epidemic.
Shahid said he was not working and spending time with his family during quarantine due to COVID-19. He said, “I’ve never been to Mumbai. I was in Punjab with my family and from there headed to Jersey. You seem to have forgotten what it’s like to be in Mumbai. But with the opening of the theater, it’s amazing that they’re back now. It’s nice to get together and celebrate where the big screen movies are supposed to be celebrated. Because of this, we will never lose our love and charm.”
Shahid also revealed that Jersey is one of those films awaiting a theatrical release. He said he’s looking forward to Akshay Kumar’s Sooryavanshi being released first so other films can decide when and where to release them. The directorial work of Rohit Shetty, released on November 5, crossed Rs 175 million at the box office.
He said, “The content journey has changed and I am so excited to work with this team. We have a release date set for today and we are very happy that the movie is out. One of the people who actually supported Sooryavanshi was the Jersey team. We all hoped Sooryavanshi would go well and get back into business so we could all release our films. Congratulations to Suryabansi, who was delighted to see the movie again at the theater and had the courage to stand in line. This is not easy. This is not easy for all of us. Closing the store for nearly two years and thinking about what was to come was a very daunting feeling. It’s a film about the triumph of the human spirit, so it has a relevant context today. “Now is more meaningful than when we started filming,” he said.
Shahid Kapoor, who has been an actor for nearly 20 years, has expressed his feelings about appearing in films of various genres, but a remake is difficult.
“After Kabir Singh and Jersey, I realized that making a remake was very difficult and sometimes even harder than making the original character. Because you have to keep it fresh. It may not look like copy paste. You can’t seem to take something and create it. We have to rediscover it,” Shahid said.
He added: “I think this jersey version is very different from the original. The actors and the cultural environment have changed. We took the movie to Chandigarh. We made many small changes to the film. His behavior, anxiety and pain are very different. After a few remakes, you realize you’re doing something wrong if the actors, culture, and language change and stay the same. You have to give authenticity to the setting behind this story.”

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