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Tips For Better Body Image

Body beautiful is often a misleading term. Beauty is not so much about fairness and smoothness of skin as it is about thepersonality of the person concerned. Our positive qualities often outweigh our size and shape. To look beautiful, it is important that we love it and feel comfortable with it. Negative body image can lead to depression and shyness. It is time that we stop criticizing minute details and start praising the assets, blessings and the gift of God. Instead of turning a recluse every time a pimple appears, women must realize their potential of giving life.Doctors agree that most of the eating disorders in women result from comparing themselves to beauty divas on ramps that flaunt not so healthy picture of being 'slim'.
Judge on the fitness of your body, not according to fads, but by your stamina, endurance, strength and comfort. Develop your own style and stop being a beauty and fashion industry victim. Do exercises that you can enjoy - be it jogging, cycling, gardening or dancing. Indulge in any sport that allows movements, not to lose weight but to strengthen your heart, lungs and muscles and give you a break. Diets are helpful in losing weight but only temporarily, so don't put all your focus on them and work around them to have balanced meal and still have all the essential nutrients and proteins that your body needs.

Some fat on hips and thighs is quiet essential for women and give them that feminine shape, so don't loose your sleep over that. Try to improve your body image by looking at yourself like a young child. Treat body with respect. Stop smoking, taking drugs, eat well and exercise within your comfort level. Do not give in to teasing and peer pressure and remember that much of your looks may depend on the ethnicity, heritage and environment in which you live. Idealized men and women body proportions are good enough for seeing but there is much more in world to look forward to than brooding on how to develop or tone those muscles.


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