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Body Building Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are something that people usually escape from, as they tend to mar their whole personality. There are many factors that can be held responsible for giving rise to these ugly marks; one being body building.Weight training increases the body mass, which in turn leads to the generation of stretch marks. If you want to seriously pursue body building, it becomes of utmost importance to take the preventive measures to hamper the entry of stretch marks. Read further to know more about stretch marks caused by body building .

On one hand, body building enables the guys to look their best and on the other hand, it becomes a cause for the occurrence of disgusting marks that truly become an eyesore. Every human body has three layers of skin, namely, hypodermis, dermis and epidermis. These stretch marks make the dermis layer their abode. In the initial stage, these marks usually appear in the shades of pink or brown.

Our skin has enough elasticity to cope with the normal growth of body. However, it is due to the sudden growth spurts that the body tends to lose its elastic potential. This in turn leads to the rupturing of elastic fibres present in the dermis layer, thereby giving rise to the stretch marks. These stretch marks take their own course of time to vanish. Though, plenty of faststretch mark removal treatments are available, but there is no sure shot guarantee that they will disappear within a certain time frame.


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