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Celtic Tattoos

Celtic tattoos are mainly popular amongst the people of Celtic origin. Being universal in nature, the Celtic symbols have always been a popular choice to be considered by the tattoo artists. Nowadays, most of the tattoo artists prefer mixing the tribal and Celtic design so as to create a new blended tattoo style, known as tribal Celtic tattoos. Read further to know more about the Celtic tattoo art.

Celtic symbol designing has its origin in the prehistoric times. These designs have been in fashion

for thousands of years. People of Celtic origin have a rich cultural heritage that is worth exploring. Since the bygone times, these people have been known for their artistic ability. The Celtic tattoos look simply stunning. They have headed their way in the making of various kinds of stonework, metalwork,jewelry and weapons.

Celtic designs usually comprise of intricate patterns of lines, spirals, and loops that are combined in a very attractive manner. Animal designs are the topmost priority, when it comes to Celtic tattoo styling. Animal Celtic designs are more popularly known as the zoomorphic tattoo designs. Tattoo designs usually incorporate tiger or a lion. There is always a meaning behind every Celtic design, which is usually not very apparent and it is pretty difficult to solve the mystery.

The interlacing between the lines represents association between the physical and spiritual worlds. The ongoing route of the loops symbolize the unending cycle of life, death and rebirth. Celtic designs reveal the personality of the Celtic people, who are usually depicted as courageous warriors. Popular Celtic designs are Celtic knot and the Celtic cross.


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