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Henna Tattoos

There are many adverse effects of getting your body tattooed. It is here that Henna comes to play a vital role. It allows you to beautify your body and that too in a natural manner. It is a temporary beautification that is totally safe for the skin. There are no risk factors associated with the Henna Mehndi tattoo. Read further to know about the Henna tattoo design

Made from the leaves of the henna plant, it is absolutely herbal in nature. As more and more people are becoming conscious about the unfavorable aspects associated with the chemicals used for tattooing, they are resorting to Henna for getting the tattoos painted on their bodies. The tradition of drawing Mehndi is being practiced since many past decades. Due to the multitude of benefits it offers, Henna tattoo art is still a popular fashion.

Before applying Henna ink into the skin, it is always better to check if it causes any sort of allergic reaction. Though, it rarely happens that Mehndi causes allergy, but it becomes of paramount importance to know whether your skin is sensitive or not. Once you are sure that there are no rashes or any other form of allergic reaction on your body, your tattoo artist can begin with his task and exhibit his creativity.

When it comes to designing, sky is the limit. Tattoo artist can select a single style or else incorporate a number of styles to give a distinctive look. Traditional and urban patterns can be combined to create new designs. Henna body tattoos provide ample room to the tattoo artists to widen the horizon of their creativity and come up with something original.

There can be various Henna tatoo designs like the tattoo artist can depict the diversity of our Indian culture. As far as the colors are concerned, there is a limitation. The choice of colors is restricted to dark shades of red, maroon and black. The color of Henna Mehndi also depends on your skin tone. Every skin tone acquires a different shade.


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