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Chapped Dry lips

When it comes to body care, lips are usually deprived of pampering and nourishment. Since lips are the most visible part of the human body, they truly deserve special attention. When the lips lose their moisture, they become chapped and dry. Having chapped dry lips is a very common problem that is affecting almost every person. It is spreading its influence everywhere. Well, if you want to really look beautiful and attractive, it is of prime importance to pay attention to your lips. In this article, we will provide you with information on the causes and symptoms of dry cracked lips, so read on:

  • Loss of moisture from the lips

  • Slight pain

  • Feeling of dryness

  • Reddishness

  • Tenderness of lips

  • Bleeding


  • Over exposure to the sun

  • Dehydration

  • Frequent use of soaps

  • Lack of vitamin A, B and C in the body

  • Allergy to cosmetic products

  • Smoking

  • Riboflavin deficiency

  • History of skin disorder


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