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Lip Augmentation

In the present era, people are becoming extremely conscious about their looks. The desire to look beautiful and attractive is so deeply rooted in people, especially women that they are resorting to almost every possible procedure that enhances their beauty. Lip augmentation surgery is increasingly gaining popularity, as it helps a great deal in making the lips appear attractive. To know more about lip enhancement surgery, read on.
Fuller lips give a more youthful look and this is what lip enlargement surgery aims at. Lip plumping surgery basically consists of injections and grafting. Using small needles, the lip is filled with a soft spongy substance that lends a plumper and fuller look. More often, the specialists make use of collagen, which is usually found in cow skin, for lip filling. However, collagen is likely to cause allergy in certain cases.

In the grafting procedure, local anesthesia is applied, after which the material is inserted through the notch created in the interior ends of the mouth. The opening is then closed with stitches. One of the most popular human donor materials is Alloderm. A great alternative to Alloderm is Softform, which is not easily absorbed in the body. Many people prefer using the fat of their own bodies for augmenting the size of their lips.

When it comes to lip augmentation, it also consists of a couple of non surgical options. There is a method that can be easily performed by your dentist. Since teeth provide support to the lips, enhancing the teeth can give your lips a fuller look.Dental lip enlargement can be performed in two distinctive ways. One way is to modify the shape of the teeth arch through orthodontics. The second way is to alter the shape of the front teeth, which can be done by restorative treatments like laminate veneers. The former method lasts for a longer period.


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