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Coloring Your Hair

Coloring your hair enhances your looks and confidence to carry yourself. If you are thinking about dying your hair, check out these basic hair color tips from choosing the right hair color to do-it-yourself hair coloring techniques.
Hair coloring tips

1. Before coloring:

  • Wash your hair. A good kind of shampoo to use is one that removes the pollutants of your hair. Do not conditioning and do not use a shampoo/conditioner mixtures available in single bottle. Conditioner will interfere with the dye bonding to your hair.
  • If your scalp is soft and sensitive or your hair damaged or dry, wait about a day after washing to bleach or use permanent dye.

2. While coloring:

  • Follow the mixing instructions exactly as given.
  • Use protective gloves and an old towel, especially when you are new to hair coloring.
  • To keep the dye off your skin, you could put creamy gel like Vaseline around your hairline and it's better don't get it in your hair though, or it will unnecessarily bother your hair coloring process.

3. After coloring:

  • To make your coloring to last longer, rinse your hair in lemon based solution immediately after dyeing. This raises the strength of the hair color.
  • Another tip is to add two spoons of hair color to your regular conditioner after each shampoo. Leave it on three to five minutes and rinse it with warm water. This replenishes the color that was washed out.
  • Bleaching your hair roots is required after shampooing.

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