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Hair Styling Tips And Braids

The first and primary factor you must be bothered about, while you are planning for your hairstyle is to find what works with your shape of the face and looks flattering. A flattering hairstyle can be the most important single factor in your appearance. Not only it tells about your character, it balances your body, frames your face and complements your clothes and lifestyle. A really professional hairstyle is a valuable investment, because it will make you feel good as well as look good.
Oval Face:

  • If you have an oval face, you are lucky, as any style will suit you. A long face is best complemented by short hair that is quite full, with a fringe.
  • Don't go for a severe long hairdo that will only make your face look longer.

Square Face:

  • A broad forehead and squared face needs different hair do. A technique with the hair 2.5 cm, or so under the chin put yourself attractive on a square face. If your hair is bulky or curly, you can go all one length.
  • With straight hair, you can choose for a slight-slanted in the front. Don't go in for bobs. Blunt-clipped bangs are also not recommended because they would highlight the 'square ness' of your face.
  • All a square face needs is a little softening if the jaw line is too heavy. Draw the attention away from the jaw with a diagonal fringe forward from the hairline and around the ears if you wear your hair up, or long loose hair with a bit of bounce below chin level.

Round Face

  • If you have a round face, you should aim to add length. If you don't want long hair, part your hair on the side or add fullness on top. Avoid a neat bob with a fringe. A round face gives an overall appearance of roundness.
  • A full face is flattered by a short, layered cut. The top of the head should be given a 'long' look with a layered, curly style, extending to the back. If making a topknot, get a lot of elongated tendrils out. This balances your face. A lot of volume to the hair will give it a flat look. A severe, tied back style also makes the face look rounder. Avoid it.

Triangular Face

  • The best hairstyle for this shape of face are those worn away from your face at your forehead and temples and softly waved or curled around the jaws or those worn full at your temples, with straight or waved bangs across the width of your forehead.

Types of braids

Hairdressing is the art of arranging the hair or otherwise modifying its natural state. Closely related to headgear, hairdressing has been an important part of the dress, since ancient times and, like dress, serves a number of functions. Following are some types to suit your taste to braid the hair.

  • The French braid

    One of the very first braids that every woman tries on their hair is the classic French Twist. French Twist style could be worn by just about anyone with medium to super long hair. To do this braid, start at the very top and take three small, but equal sections of hair from the front. Begin braiding by moving the right to the middle and then the left. In your right hand pick up a little more hair and move this into the middle. With your left hand pick up more hair and move it to the middle. Continue alternating, each time picking up a little more hair on the side. When you come to the bottom of the head you should have picked up all the hair. Now just continue with the rest of the hair like the simple braid

  • Simple braid

    To do a simple braid pull all the hair back, you may want to secure it with a rubber band. Divide the hair into three sections. Take the right section of hair over the middle section; now take the left section over the middle one. Alternate the right and left sections until you reach the end of the hair. Now band or clip it to keep it in place.

  • A fishbone braid

    Divide your hair into two and take a very little section from the top of the right side and add it to the left. Make a small section of hair from the top left and add it to the right. Go a head to go back and forth working all the hair in. Keep it tight. Work down the head and continue in the same way until you have reached the bottom of the hair, band or clip. This 'hair do' is very impressive looking especially if use very small amounts of hair, but it can take a very lengthier time and hence not suitable during your rushing-up moments.

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