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Body art and designing includes the use of tattoos and body painting. Here we will discuss about tattoos and temporary body painting with henna and provide you with useful information on both:
Tattoo Tips:

  • Choose the tattoo to your personality.
  • Make informed choices and know clearly, why you want a tattoo and where.
  • Express yourself with a tattoo that denotes some significant characteristic or thing related to you.
  • For innovative and creative tattoo designs, get inspired by stationary, books, posters and everything you see. Logos often have some good ideas that you can use.
  • Find an expert artist and let him show the colored design on paper.
  • Do not give in to peer pressure for tattooing, as they are permanent in nature.
  • Tattooing near eyes can be dangerous.

Henna Tips:

  • Do not drink too much coffee before getting a henna tattoo done.
  • Any accidental henna dust in your eyes should be immediately flushed with water.
  • Henna design has a rhythm to it and artist may have to adjust doing the painting and make way for the breathing disruptions while doing the tattoo on the belly or chest.
  • Maintain a folder with your favorite design elements and sketches that you can use.
  • To make your henna tattoo last longer; apply Vaseline on it before showering or swimming.
  • Keep the henna paste for two hours before doing the tattoo and leave it on skin for at least six hours.
  • It is easier to pull lines toward you than the other way round and offer greater control to the artist.
  • Combine your henna tattoo with sparkles and crystals to attract more attention.

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