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Seasonal Makeup Tips

The ways to apply makeup and cosmetics need to change according to the season to suit the climatic conditions. Here we will cover some tips to not look ruined and washed out in monsoon and achieve a sexy and sensuous look in winter:

Monsoon Makeup:

  • Check the options available for long lasting lipsticks that are marketed as non-transferable or color stay varieties.
  • Use powder matte cosmetics rather than creamy and glossy ones.
  • Thread your brows regularly to keep them in shape and avoid using eyebrow pencil for the season.
  • You can tame your unruly brows by using a little hair gel and a brow brush.
  • Sheer and pastel powder eye shadows in brown, pink and light brown shades are just right for the rain parties.
  • Avoid using pressed powder in monsoons as it can form patches on skin. If you must use it, use it sparingly.
  • Avoid kajal and use water-resistant mascaras and eyeliners.

Winter Makeup:

  • Use matte medium-tone shades on eye creases to define them. Apply them from outer edge to the inner one.
  • Too much shimmer on dry winter skin can look glaring.
  • Add depth to eyes using subtle colors of mascara such as navy, maroon and golden-brown shades.
  • Deep red or warm red brown lipstick look good in winters and add glow to skin.
  • Use soft gloss on the lipstick to tone down the harsh winter look.

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